Using the Advanced Search Page to Find Your Next Commercial Real Estate Job

To most effectively find your next job in commercial real estate, we recommend using the site’s advanced search page for most of your job searches on the site. This page offers the most flexibility and fastest execution as you browse our growing list of jobs. On this page, you’re able to search by job category, job type, company type, job location, and general keyword in a quick, mobile-friendly, and intuitive way.

To help you navigate this page for the first time, we’ve developed both a video and written instructions on a few of the nuances of the advanced search page.

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a screenshot of the adventures in cre commercial real estate job search page

Start Your Commercial Real Estate Job Search on the Advanced Search Page

Using the Advanced Search Page – Video Demonstration

Using the Advanced Search Page – Written Instructions

The Jobs Map
  • Jobs are shown both in list form and map view. Browse the jobs map by your location of interest, zoom in, and select jobs you’re interested in to learn more. Middle click (Windows PC), Cmd Click (Mac PC), or long-hold (mobile-devices) to open the job in a new tab thus preserving your search.

Important Note: When you first open the page, only the 40 most recently published jobs are displayed on the map. This is because the jobs shown on the map are ONLY those listed on the current page, and the page is defaulted to open with the 40 most recently published jobs. However, as you expand or focus your job search criteria, the jobs shown on the map will change to display those in your specific search and shown in the list.

the adventures in cre job search map

The Job Search Map Visualizes the Locations of the Jobs in the Search Query

The Jobs List
  • In the jobs list, all jobs are sorted first by Featured and then by Standard Listings. Featured listings are sorted by when they were published followed by Standard Listings sorted by when they were published.
  • Expired, filled, and cancelled listings are hidden from the list.
  • Click/tap the ‘Choose a category…” box to select jobs categories for your search. Job categories include those important to our readers such as Acquisitions, Development, Asset Management, Investment Banking, etc.
  • Search by keyword by entering a word in the ‘Keyword…’ text box. If the word entered into the Keyword text box appears in the title or body of the job posting, the job will appear in the list.
  • Search by location by entering a city, state, or country in the ‘Location…” text box. Think of the location search as a keyword search of only the location string. If the word (or portion of the word) entered in the Location text box appears in the title of the job location than the job will appear in the list (e.g. entering ‘San’; will show all locations with the word San such as San Diego and San Francisco).
  • Sort by job type (Full-time, part-time, internship, and contract) by checking the box that applies; leaving the boxes unchecked will show all job types.

Important Note: While the jobs list initially only contains the 40 most recent jobs from your search query, you can expand the list by scrolling to the bottom of the list and clicking/tapping ‘Load More Listings’. Newly loaded listings will then also be displayed on the search map.

a list of commercial real estate jobs published on the adventures in cre job board

The Jobs List Consists of the 40 Most Recently Published Jobs Based on the Search Criteria

Alternatives to the Advanced Search Page

Occasionally, you may prefer to browse by region or job category rather than searching via the Advanced Search Page. To do this, scroll to the footer at the bottom of any page on the site. Therein, you’ll find links to pages to browse Job Categories, Company Types, USA and World Regions, and Job Types. These pages do not offer search capability, but rather output all jobs within that category, company type, region, or job type. A search map is not included on these pages.

the footer of the adventures in cre job board containing pages to browse commercial real estate job categories, company types, usa regions, world regions, job types, as well as tutorials and faqs pages

The A.CRE Jobs Footer Contains Links to Pages to Browse Job Categories and Types, Company Types, and Regions.