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Graduate Real Estate Series: University of Florida Master of Science in Real Estate

“Growing up I was surrounded by engineers and builders in my formative years, so I decided to explore the same path and got my undergrad degree in civil engineering. I wanted to work in the construction/engineering industry, and after working for some years, I realized that this field wasn’t quite the right fit. I knew that I wanted to work in Commercial Real Estate, but I needed to acquire finance skills. I started my research on the different real estate programs around the country, and became keen on UF’s Master of Science in Real Estate program. The most important factors that drew me in were UF’s reputation, as well as the program’s challenging curriculum, networking opportunities, and low cost of attendance.” – Pedro Vintimilla, MSRE Class of 2022.

“The University of Florida has long been my top choice for college ever since I was young. I knew when I toured the campus back in 2015, and saw the campus environment was full of culture and character around every corner, that I had made the best decision for myself. When I got to UF, I embarked on a journey in Interior Architecture and found out about a whole new world of design. Along the way, I fell in love with the larger built environment. Upon graduation, I felt something was missing from my career path and I knew I didn’t quite understand the financial aspect of developing buildings. After extensive research, I decided to continue my education at the University of Florida and went on to pursue the Master’s of Science in Real Estate. The program is unparalleled with its rigorous curriculum, rolodex of industry professional contacts, and advisory board mentorship.” – Moriah Marquette, MSRE Class of 2022.

Note from Michael: This profile is part of The A.CRE Master’s in Real Estate Series highlighting some of the top graduate programs with robust opportunities to study and secure work in commercial real estate. Each profile has been written by a current or former student of the program and is written from their unique perspective on the school and its real estate offerings. A huge thanks to Pedro Vintimilla and Moriah Marquette for taking the time to write this profile of the University of Florida.

The University of Florida’s Nathan S. Collier Master of Science in Real Estate program has been ranked #1 among public universities on the list of best master’s degrees worldwide by Eduniversal Best Master’s Ranking 2021. The program, located at the University of Florida’s main campus in Gainesville, FL, offers in-state tuition at $18,051 and extends reciprocity to 16 other southern states. Out-of-state and international tuition is $42,690. The program also receives support from the Bergstrom Real Estate Center which provides opportunities for students to connect with industry leaders. These opportunities focus on building relationships through mentors, conferences, speaker series, and in-class visitors.

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U of Florida Real Estate Program

UF’s MSRE program is challenging and dynamic. It allows students to prepare academically and learn the most commonly-used industry software platforms in the industry, including Argus, Costar, Bloomberg, and Excel. It also enables students to engage in networking events with more than 160 advisory board members of the Bergstrom Real Estate Center — all of them accomplished real estate professionals – as well as with the Real Estate Society club and thousands of UF’s alumni.

The program doesn’t require concentrations, but you can take elective classes from different schools which allows you to customize your curriculum and the skills you want to acquire.

The school offers mentoring from members of the advisory board, assistance in career placement, software training, and access to the Capital Market Lab: Bloomberg. Students also get access to case studies, the MSRE Women’s Society, and scholarship opportunities.

The program is rigorous, but every day is an engaging learning experience and opportunity to connect with companies on a weekly basis. To ensure success, students should be organized and balance their schedules to establish long-lasting relationships with our Advisory Board members.

The Real Estate Society

The Real Estate Society at UF helps to connect undergrad and graduate students to leading industry professionals; educates its members about the diverse field of real estate; and in the process, creates a community of like-minded individuals who are focused on learning, developing professionally, and creating meaningful relationships.

The Real Estate Society also offers networking and professional development opportunities with industry experts and alumni and helps with scholarships and internships opportunities.

The MSRE is housed under the Hough Graduate School of Business (one of three academic units that form the Warrington College of Business) and students can use the many resources offered by the College including resume prep, mock interviews, regular networking events with prospective employers, and opportunities to attend career fairs during the fall and spring semesters.

The Real Estate Community

UF’s program has been around since the mid-’80s, and it now has more than 160 advisory board members as part of the Bergstrom Real Estate Center. The board members help to support the students and personally guide them on their real estate journey.

Outside the classroom, students have opportunities to be part of different clubs at the University of Florida and to participate in field visits organized by the Real Estate Society. Overall, the program has a very active community inside and outside the classroom.

Course Offerings

The program offers four different options:

  • Traditional Master’s: For students who have completed a bachelor’s degree (34 credits, 10-month program).
  • Combined Degree: For current UF undergraduate students interested in earning a bachelor’s and master’s degree in real estate.
  • Dual Degree: For current UF law students interested in earning a Dual JD/MSRE degree.
  • Graduate Minor: Available to graduate students receiving degrees in related fields, such as Construction Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Geography, and Accounting.

The program features top-notch faculty like Dr. Wayne Archer, Dr. David Ling, and Dr. Bill Hughes, to mention a few.

The traditional program requires 34 credits, 26 of which belongs to the core curriculum and 8 elective. Here is a sample traditional schedule:

Summer B


Course Title Credit
BUL 6516 Law of Real Estate Transactions 2
GEB 5212 Professional Writing 1
GEB 5215 Professional Communication 1
REE 6045 Introduction to Real Estate 2

Fall Mod 1


Course Title Credit
QMB 5304 Introduction to Managerial Statistics 2
REE 6315 Real Estate Market & Transaction Analysis 2
REE 6935 Real Estate Case Studies & Ring Lecture (Full Fall Semester course) 1
REE 6058 Real Estate Research and Technology (Full Fall Semester course) 1
REE 6206 Primary Mortgage Markets & Institutions 2


Course Title Credit
GEB 6930 International Real Estate Experience Fall Break
BCN 6585 Sustainable Construction (Full Fall Semester course) 3
FIN 5437 Finance I: Asset Valuation, Risk & Return 2
FIN 6545 Fixed Income Security Valuation 2
URP 6100 Planning Theory and History (Full Fall Semester course) 3

Fall Mod 2


Course Title Credit
REE 6105 Real Estate Appraisal 2
REE 6395 Investment Property Analysis 2
REE 6935 Real Estate Case Studies & Ring Lecture (continued) 1
REE 6058 Real Estate Research and Technology (continued) 1


Course Title Credit
BCN 6585 Sustainable Construction (continued) 3
ENT 6006 Entrepreneurship 2
FIN 5439 Finance II: Capital Structure & Risk Management Issues 2
URP 6100 Planning Theory and History (continued) 3


Spring Mod 3


Course Title Credit
REE 6007 Fundamentals of Real Estate Development 2
REE 6935 Real Estate Case Studies & Ring Lecture (Full Spring Semester course) 1


Course Title Credit
ENT 6016 Venture Analysis 2
FIN 6429 Financial Decision Making 2
FIN 6930 Special Topics/Invest. Fin. 2

Spring Mod 4


Course Title Credit
REE 6935 Real Estate Case Studies & Ring Lecture (continued) 1
REE 6948 Capstone Seminar & Applied Project 2
REE 6737 Real Estate Development II 2
REE 6930 Special Topics – Contemporary Issues in RE 2


Course Title Credit
ENT 6116 Business Plan Formation 2
FIN 6434 Private Equity 2
FIN 6930 Fixed Income Securities 2

For more in-depth and up-to-date information, please visit the University of Florida MSRE website. There you can find more data regarding admissions, job placement information, news, trends, etc.

University of Florida Master of Science in Real Estate video: https://youtu.be/YtyosedLpx4

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About the Author: Pedro Vintimilla is a Master of Science in Real Estate Candidate at the University of Florida. He graduated from Universidad del Azuay in Cuenca, Ecuador with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and minor in Construction Management in 2016 and he has internship experience in construction project management, and full-time experience in engineering consulting with a firm based in West Palm Beach, FL specializing in geotechnical and construction materials engineering. Pedro is passionate about investments and diversity in real estate.




About the Author: Moriah Marquette is currently working on a Master of Science in Real Estate at the University of Florida. She graduated from the College of Design, Construction, and Planning at the University of Florida in May 2021. She has internship experience in designing high-end kitchens in the Fort Lauderdale market and presently works for Jackson Stoneworks, marketing to new homeowners and selling precious stone countertops in Gainesville. She has had the pleasure to part take in the Parade of Homes (2020-2021) working with home builders to showcase their innovative designs to the community. Moriah is extremely passionate about good design and developments to create places of well-being for the community to enjoy.