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Wall St. Training – Free Excel Resources

Wall Street Training (WST) is a fantastic site for free and paid Excel training resources. According to their site, they are “The world’s leading provider of live and online financial training, serving a wide variety of investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, commercial banks, universities, regulatory agencies, credentialing institutes and more.”

Allow I’ve taken several advanced Excel training courses, I’ve never taken a formal training course from Wall Street Training, and I do not get paid to plug their site. But, I have used their free Excel resources and especially love their WST Macros Excel add-in.

Their free resources page (see below for link) includes a compilation of time-saving shortcuts in Excel,  a tutorial on how to change your background to gray so white cells stand out, a list of windows shortcuts that come in handy working in Excel. The free resource page also includes finance tutorials covering Transaction Value, how to properly calculate NPV in quarterly DCF models, how to deal with sub periods, among others.

The WST Macros by Wall St Training

While all of the resources are great, I highly recommend you grab their free WST Macros add-in. It has got to be the most comprehensive add-in around, providing new hotkeys to further automate Excel. A few of the 100+ WST Macros hotkeys that I use most include:

Ctrl+Shift+D – Dollar Formatting (no decimals)
Ctrl+Alt+> – Increase Decimal
Ctrl+Alt+< – Decrease Decimal
Ctrl+Shift+B – Blue Font
Ctrl+Shift+D – Fill Down
Ctrl+Shift+R – Fill Right

Do check out their free resources, and especially the WST Macro Add-In.

Click here to visit the Wall Street Training Free Resources Page