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A.CRE Accelerator Advanced
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A.CRE Financial Models Bundle
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A.CRE 'Excel 4 CRE' Add-In (for PC only)


A.CRE Accelerator Advanced

  • 17 case-based real estate financial modeling courses (Core Curriculum)
  • Verifiable Certificate of Completion
  • Endorsement Curriculum: Mastering MS Excel for Real Estate
  • Endorsement Curriculum: Advanced Modeling – Partnership Cash Flows
  • Endorsement Curriculum: Advanced Modeling – Development
  • Endorsement Curriculum: Advanced Modeling – Real Estate Debt
  • Endorsement Curriculum: Advanced Modeling – Property and Portfolio
  • Endorsement Curriculum: Career Advancement in Real Estate
  • Endorsement Curriculum: A.CRE Ask Me Anything Recordings
  • Student-instructor private Q&A
  • All content is exclusive to Accelerator members
  • 150+ video lectures, video tutorials and Watch Me Build style videos
  • 30 real-to-life case studies with accompanying exercises
  • All new real estate Excel models and files only available to Accelerator members
  • One year access to all Accelerator materials

A.CRE Financial Models Bundle

Adds to your personal library, lifetime downloads and updates of 36 ready-to-use, institutional-quality real estate financial models built by the A.CRE team:

  • All-in-One Model for Underwriting Acquisition and Development
  • Hotel Valuation Model
  • Hotel Acquisition Model – The Basic Model
  • Hotel Development Model
  • A.CRE Apartment Development Model
  • Value-Add Apartment Acquisition Model
  • Apartment Acquisition Model with Monte Carlo Simulation Module
  • Simple Acquisition Model for Office, Retail, and Industrial Properties
  • Self Storage Development Model
  • Self Storage Acquisition Model
  • Residential Land Development Pro Forma
  • Land Development Model (Multi-Scenario) beta v0.6
  • Condo Development Model
  • Industrial Development Model
  • Office Development Model
  • Retail Development Model
  • Single-Family Home Construction Model
  • Single-Family Residential Investment Analysis Model
  • Excel Pro Forma for Flipping Houses
  • Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model with Catch Up and Clawback
  • Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model with IRR and Equity Multiple Hurdles
  • Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model with Simple Cash-on-Cash Return Hurdles
  • Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model with Monthly Periods
  • Waterfall Model for Real Estate Joint Ventures with Catch Up
  • Real Estate Acquisition Checklist Tool
  • Real Estate Development Checklist Tool
  • Construction Draw and Interest Calculation Model
  • Commercial Mortgage Loan Analysis Tool
  • Portfolio Valuation Model
  • STNL Valuation Model
  • Ground Lease Valuation Model
  • Student Housing Acquisition Model
  • Actual + Forecast Construction Draw Schedule
  • Build-to-Rent (BTR) Development Model
  • RV Park Development Model
  • RV Park Acquisition Model

A.CRE 'Excel 4 CRE' Add-In (for PC only)

Conveniently adds to your personal library A.CRE’s free Excel add-in for real estate financial modeling professionals (works with PC only).

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“I am CERTAIN that the Accelerator has given me the tools and information necessary for my transition into commercial real estate. Your hard work has positively impacted my life and the lives of others. Keep up the great work!”

Leonard A. - Accelerator Graduate

“Concepts are explained in much detail, and the case studies make the learning experience easy, fun, practical and relevant. I also appreciate being able to pace myself accordingly throughout the whole Accelerator.”

Josh L. - Accelerator Graduate

“Really blown away at the precision and expertise. Issues were addressed within minutes and the materials worked seamlessly.”

Steve C. - Accelerator Graduate

“Best online course I’ve had so far – concepts were taught in great detail and in a step-by-step manner, catering to an audience who may have no previous industry knowledge.”

Javier G. - Accelerator Graduate


We’re excited to have you as a member of the A.CRE Accelerator. This is the beginning of your journey to real estate financial modeling proficiency.

Accelerator Co-Creator


Welcome to the Accelerator! Michael and I can’t wait to help you reach your modeling and career goals.

Accelerator Co-Creator