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A.CRE Accelerator x1
A.CRE Financial Models Bundle x1

What's Included?

A.CRE Accelerator

  • 16 case-based real estate financial modeling courses (Core Curriculum)
  • Verifiable Certificate of Completion
  • 2 bonus courses: Advanced Concepts in Real Estate Financial Modeling + Networking in CRE
  • Student-instructor private forums
  • All content is exclusive to Accelerator members
  • 150+ video lectures, video tutorials and Watch Me Build style videos
  • 16 real life case studies with accompanying exercises
  • All new real estate Excel models and files only available to Accelerator members
  • One year access to all Accelerator materials

A.CRE Financial Models Bundle

Lifetime downloads and updates of the 10 most popular, institutional-quality real estate financial models on A.CRE. Models included with the bundle:

  • All-in-One Model for Underwriting Acquisition and Development
  • Hotel Valuation Model
  • A.CRE Apartment Development Model
  • Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model with IRR and Equity Multiple Hurdles
  • Waterfall Model for Real Estate Joint Ventures with Catch Up
  • Residential Land Development Pro Forma
  • Condo Development Model
  • Single-Family Home Construction Model
  • Single-Family
  • Residential Investment Analysis Model
  • Excel Pro Forma for Flipping Houses

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A.CRE Accelerator
A.CRE Accelerator  × 1
A.CRE Financial Models Bundle
A.CRE Financial Models Bundle  × 1

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  • Learn from Seasoned Professionals

    You’ll learn from seasoned professionals, known industry-wide, with experience modeling over $20 billion dollars worth of real estate.

  • Intuitive, Case-Based Curriculum

    Our case-based curriculum breaks modeling down to basic building blocks so you gain the knowledge and experience you need to level up.

  • Material that Matters

    Get laser-focused results by learning the right information in the right order. Which means, you’ll learn how to model in a fraction of the time without wasting energy on irrelevant information.

  • Modern, Easy-to-Use Learning Tool

    The Accelerator uses a modern, ease-to-navigate learning interface compatible with all screen sizes. That way, you can learn to model real estate anywhere and on any device.

  • Learn by Doing Teaching Method

    Accelerator instructors follow a proven teaching method – teach the concept, introduce a case study then show you the steps to solve a similar case. This process intentionally repeats until you’ve mastered real estate financial modeling.


“I am CERTAIN that the Accelerator has given me the tools and information necessary for my transition into commercial real estate. Your hard work has positively impacted my life and the lives of others. Keep up the great work!”

Leonard A.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Accelerator. It was easy to follow and the concepts were well taught! The watch me build videos were a great resource to have when working through the case studies.

The Accelerator fills in a lot of the knowledge gaps you may have if you are not working under a very good RE Associate/VP”

Name withheld

“Really blown away at the precision and expertise. Issues were addressed within minutes and the materials worked seamlessly.”

Steve C.

“Best online course I’ve had so far – concepts were taught in great detail and in a step-by-step manner, catering to an audience who may have no previous industry knowledge.”

Javier G.