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Texas Christian University – Undergraduate Real Estate Profile

Note from Michael: This profile is part of The A.CRE Undergraduate Real Estate Series highlighting some of the top undergraduate programs with robust opportunities to study and secure work in commercial real estate. Each profile has been written by a current or former student of the program and is written from their unique perspective on the school and its real estate offerings. A huge thanks to Trevor Short for taking the time to write this profile of TCU.

I entered TCU with curiosity about Real Estate and solidified that interest by becoming involved with the TCU Real Estate Club and attending all the events they put on. Being in the business school, after I completed all the core classes my freshman year, I decided to make my major Finance with Real Estate. The following year, having enjoyed my involvement with the club I decided to pursue an officer position and became an officer for the club my sophomore year. In addition, I worked closely with the TCU Real Estate Department in supporting the Associate Director as an intern. This past year, and summer, as a junior I became the president of the Real Estate club and have worked to expand the scope of what we offer to the student body of TCU.

Watch the Student Interview Deep Dive on TCU’s Real Estate Program

In this interview, we conducted an interview with a current student at Texas Christian University, Trevor Short.

Thank you so much to Trevor for speaking with us about what it’s like at TCU. His perspective and knowledge are extremely beneficial in helping others better understand what TCU has to offer.

The Neeley School of Business Center for Real Estate

As part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, one of the best real estate hubs in the country, TCU is a great location for research, training, and study for students in real estate. The Center for Real Estate launched in Spring 2018.

The Neeley Center for Real Estate is led by Leslie Purvis and Mauricio “Mo” Rodriguez both professors of Real Estate and Finance.

TCU Real Estate Extracurriculars

TCU Real Estate Club

The TCU Real Estate Club is a student organization that attempts to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real estate industry by acting as a resource for educating and enriching its members in the world of real estate – according to their mission statement. There are no membership requirements so even non-majors can participate in the world of real estate. The TCU Real Estate Club has various panels, speaker events, company tours, career fairs, educational workshops, skills development, and mentorship programs for TCU students to develop professionally as it relates to the world of Real Estate.

Capital Markets Club

The Capital Markets Club’s goal is to help TCU students succeed in the world of finance by providing them additional exposure to the diverse world of corporate finance and investments. They teach students best practice finance topics and how to get in touch with finance professors. They provide networking opportunities and provide mock interviews in corporate finance and investments. The club is open to all MBA students.

Case Competitions

2009 winners of $10,000 in the NAIOP Texas Shoot-Out Real Estate Competition

At TCU, MBAs have the opportunity to participate in case competitions. Competitors take the role of developers who report on one of three given scenarios/ A panel of 10 real estate executives from some of the top real estate firms judge the teams’ solutions. Greg Fuller, president of NAIOP North Texas, said that the event’s goal is to bring the North Texas real estate community closer to the Universities’ real estate centers. “This competition has been a huge success as the teams attempt to solve real-world commercial real estate challenges and present their solutions,” he said.  The TCU MBAs have won multiple times and was rated in the Top 15 of America’s “most-competitive students” by The Princeton Review.


Internships are an important part of the academic experience for many university students. Internships provide a good opportunity to develop career experience as well as being a good resume builder. It allows you to explore various professional interests and network with real estate employers. The Neeley School’s Graduate Career Service Center works year-round to help MBA students enhance their marketability. It helps students refine their job-searching strategies and has led to a majority of students securing an internship. The Neeley School of Business recommends that students:

  • Network with professors and staff
  • Make the most of their Neeley and Associates Consulting project experience
  • Research
  • Take advantage of the Neeley Graduate Career Center
  • To help secure an internship.

Career Fairs

The TCU Real Estate Club has hosted many career fairs in the past couple of years. These fairs present a good opportunity for students to not only network with career professionals but to find potential internships. For the time being, career fairs have been canceled in light of the current pandemic, but are likely to start up when it’s safe again.

Real Estate Course Offerings at TCU

Real Estate Principles: Introduction to real estate principles and practices, activities of real estate brokers and operators, transfer of real property and real estate securities, essential of real estate law, practices incidental to ownership and control of real property.

Professor: Leslie Purvis

Real Estate Valuation: Theory, methods and principles of valuation; cost, market, and income approaches to value; the appraisal process applied both to residential and commercial property. Final project on highest and best use analysis of a commercial real estate property.

Professor: Jonathan Dombrow

Real Estate Finance/Investment Analysis: Fundamentals of real estate finance, specifically, investment value based on the present value of expected cash flows. Includes computer applications, the current income tax laws for real estate, mortgage law, sources of real estate credit including primary and secondary markets, government programs, and mortgage loan underwriting. Excel projects related to mortgage amortization, points and yield to prepayment; and developing a real estate investment analysis model.

Professor: James Hill

Real Estate Law: The basic principles of real estate law related to the acquisition and transfer of property; right of adjoining owners; mortgages and liens; abstracts of title; recording; drafting of deeds, leases, mortgage, and options.

Professor: Jennifer Deerman

Financial Modeling: The objective of this course is to increase students’ ability to formulate and solve real-world financial problems using standard tools from the financial industry, particularly Excel and VBA.

Professor: Grant Farnsworth

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About Trevor Short: After being accepted to Texas Christian University with scholarships, Trevor gained his first two professional internships the summer proceeding freshman year. Balancing a demanding workweek, he gained experience in operational management of a non-profit business focused on providing housing for less fortunate communities across the globe. At the same time, he worked with a boutique marketing and advertising firm focused on full-service relationships with high-end clients. In 2019 he became an officer for the TCU Real Estate Club and an Intern for the TCU Real Estate Department while maintaining multiple 4.0 academic semesters. In the summer of 2020, Trevor worked as an intern for the investment sales team of Northmarq Capital in Scottsdale, Arizona. There he gained experience in multifamily brokerage and continued to develop skills and expertise in client advisory and brokerage services for private clients. This year as a junior, he is the president of the TCU real estate club and looking at how to leverage the newfound effects of a pandemic to greater propel the club and its members to succeed in the world of real estate.