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Hold-Sell Analysis in Real Estate

In course 3 of our A.CRE Accelerator, we use a case study that revolves around a hold-sell (i.e. hold vs sell) analysis scenario to teach the anatomy of the real estate DCF. In that scenario, the student is an asset manager working for an open-end…
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Residential Land Development Pro Forma (Updated 2.18.2019)

As many of you know, I started my career in residential land development first as a broker and later as a principal. During that time I built my fair share of residential land development Excel pro formas, modeling returns and forecasting cash…
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Apartment Acquisition Model with Monte Carlo Simulation Module (Updated 02.17.2019)

We have a few stochastic modeling tools for real estate on the website, but none as robust as this Apartment Acquisition Model with Monte Carlo Simulation Module. I originally built the model in 2016 by taking my standard apartment acquisition…

Quick Tutorial: Add Line Items to OpSt Sheet in All-in-One

I was recently asked the question whether it's possible to add more other income or operating expense line items to the MF-OpSt or ORI-OpSt worksheets in my All-in-One Model for Underwriting Acquisitions and Development. Short answer is: out…
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A.CRE Apartment Development Model (Updated 1.21.2019)

For several years now, our library of real estate models has been lacking a robust ground-up apartment development model. Sure, our All-in-One (Ai1) model has the capability to model multifamily development deals, but it's more a generalist…

A Few Indispensable Keyboard Shortcuts for Moving Quickly Around Excel

The more time you spend modeling real estate in Excel, the more important keyboard shortcuts become. It's partly about speed - using keyboard shortcuts is much faster than using the mouse. But it's also about impressing your peers; whether you…
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Real Estate Financial Modeling Accelerator (Next Group Starts Apr 1st)

Since starting A.CRE, Michael and I have fielded email after email requesting a more structured real estate financial modeling training program on the site.Over the years, we've covered hundreds of real estate modeling topics in our blog;…
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All-in-One (Ai1) Model for Underwriting Development and Acquisitions (Updated 1.9.19)

As many of you recall, in 2015 I set out to build an Excel alternative to the widely-used (and now discontinued) ARGUS DCF. With career moves and a lot of other A.CRE-related side projects, this undertaking has been slow going. Alas, in 2016…
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A.CRE Hotel Valuation Model in Excel (Updated 01.03.19)

I am excited to introduce our new Hotel Valuation (Acquisition) Model to underwrite both stabilized and value-add hotel opportunities. This hotel pro forma is designed to allow users to do everything from a quick back of the envelope exercise…