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Real Estate Financial Modeling Accelerator (Updated September 2023)

Prior to launching the Accelerator program, Michael and I fielded email after email requesting a more structured real estate financial modeling training program on the site. Over the years, we've covered hundreds of real estate modeling…
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AI Tools for Commercial Real Estate (Sep 2023 Edition)

If you haven't noticed, we've been exploring use cases, training, and tools related to AI in commercial real estate a lot lately! The reason is that Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize the commercial real estate industry…
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Nuevo Contenido en Español (Actualizado Septiembre 2023)

Ver y leer nuevo contenido en español. Este contenido ha sido creado por el equipo A.CRE para profesionales en la inversion inmobiliaria. Tutoriales, modelos financieros, educación, y mucho más.
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List of A.CRE Accelerator Graduates (Updated September 2023)

This certifies that the following individuals have successfully completed the 17-course, A.CRE real estate financial modeling Accelerator. Having shown a proficiency in all aspects of real estate financial modeling and having demonstrated an…
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Office Real Estate Development Model (Updated Sep 2023)

I'm excited to share my Office Development Model in Excel. This pro forma analysis tool comes as I've continued to build and share specialty real estate models, tailor-made for specific investment scenarios and property types. This model…
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A.CRE Real Estate Financial Models Download Guide (Updated August 2023)

Since I started working with A.CRE, I wanted to find a way to easily find the different models, modules, tools, and tutorials the guys have shared from the Library of Excel Real Estate Financial Models. After some time helping out our readers…
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Construction Draw and Interest Calculation Model (Updated Aug 2023)

I originally uploaded this equity/construction loan draw and interest calculation tool to our library of real estate financial analysis models in 2016. Over the years, I've continued to update it as suggestions, comments, and requests…
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Supercharge Excel with the ‘Excel 4 CRE’ Add-In (Updated Aug 2023)

Today, we're thrilled to share with the A.CRE community a new timesaving (and free) Excel tool: the 'Excel 4 CRE' Add-in! Over the past year, we at A.CRE (together with our new favorite companion, ChatGPT!) have been developing and sharing this…
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All-in-One (Ai1) Model for Underwriting Development and Acquisitions (Updated Aug 2023)

As many of you recall, in 2015 I set out to build an Excel alternative to the widely-used (and now discontinued) ARGUS DCF. With career moves and a lot of other A.CRE-related side projects, this undertaking has been slow going. Alas, in 2016…
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Land Development Model – Multi-Scenario (Updated Aug 2023)

Over the years, we've shared eight development-focused real estate financial models and numerous development-specific tools to the A.CRE Library of Excel Models. Nevertheless, there's been a hole in the development offerings in our library.…
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Industrial Real Estate Development Model (Updated Aug 2023)

Allow me to share my Industrial Development Model in Excel. Over the past year, I've been working to add more specialty real estate models to our library. While our All-in-One model certainly has its place, oftentimes really digging into the…
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Ground Lease Valuation Model (Updated Aug 2023)

The topic of ground leases has come up several times in the past few weeks. Numerous A.CRE readers have emailed to ask for a purpose-built Ground Lease Valuation Model. And I'm in the process of creating an Advanced Concepts Module for our real…
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Excel Pro Forma for Flipping Houses (Updated Aug 2023)

Before moving to the principal side of the business, I began my career as a self-described real estate investment specialist, largely working as a land broker but dabbling in other areas including the popular "single-family flip" space. In all…
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Using ChatGPT as a Real Estate Analyst – Sales Comp Analysis (Updated Aug 2023)

In early 2023, we here at A.CRE began exploring use cases for AI in commercial real estate. Since that time, we have released nine such posts covering topics such as using AI in the real estate job search, using AI to expand on Excel's capabilities,…
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Commercial Real Estate Lease Analysis Tool (Updated Jul 2023)

The topic of analyzing commercial real estate leases from the perspective of the landlord and/or tenant has come up several times over the years. And while I generally respond to requests for new models or tools at A.CRE, I've been hesitant…