Discussion and interviews covering real estate financial modeling, careers, and education

Season Four – The Future of Real Estate

The A.CRE Audio Series

Season Three – Deal Making, Deal Doing

The A.CRE Audio Series

Pathway to Career Success CRE Alumni Associations, Networking, and Giving Back with Chad Hagle
Streamlining Asset Management with RE Analytics

Season Two – Navigating Turbulent Times

The A.CRE Audio Series

Season One – Find Your Adventure in CRE

The A.CRE Audio Series

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Here at A.CRE, we receive requests everyday from real estate developers, owners, brokers, and investors needing help analyzing real estate. These requests generally involve building or modifying a real estate model in Excel or some other analysis work.

Given Spencer and Michael’s busy schedules, they’re unable to fulfill these requests. But we’d like to be able to refer these individuals to qualified professionals who can help. So if you’re an Accelerator Graduate and you’d like to earn some extra money ($100/hr – $250/hr), fill out the form and we’ll provide more details.

About the Adventures in CRE Audio Series

The A.CRE Audio Series is a series of podcast-style episodes hosted by Michael Belasco, Spencer Burton, and Sam Carlson. Through a combination of guest interviews and discussions among themselves, the series seeks to expose the listener to important topics around real estate financial modeling, careers in commercial real estate , and college-level real estate education.

Stream or download the series here, as well as on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Music.

Each season consists of 10 or more episodes, and all episodes in a season are released at the same time to allow for bing consumption. Seasons are released periodically based on the availability of the hosts.

The inaugural season consists of 10 episodes. With some overlap, five episodes cover careers in real estate, three episodes cover real estate financial modeling, two episodes cover graduate education in real estate, one episode covers entrepreneurship, one episode covers international real estate investment, and one episode introduces the Audio Series to the listener.

If you have a topic you’d like to see discussed or you’d like to participate, please reach out to us.

About the Hosts

Spencer Burton – Spencer has over 17 years of commercial real estate experience. In his current role, Spencer sources real estate investments for a $45+ billion real estate portfolio. Learn more about Spencer.

Michael Belasco – Michael has over nine years of commercial real estate and construction experience, including developing large-scale institutional real estate projects for Hines. Learn more about Michael.

Sam Carlson – Sam is the Co-Founder of 25th West Marketing. He is an experienced digital marketer, entrepreneur, and real estate investor. Learn more about Sam.

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