Intro to the A.CRE Audio Series Season 4: A.CRE On Site | S4E1

Welcome back to this new season 4 of the Adventures in CRE Audio Series! Join Sam, Michael, and Spencer as they take you on a journey through the future of commercial real estate. This season, they’ll dive into AI, explore CRE trends, and provide an exclusive inside look at a real deal in progress.

Watch, listen, or read this episode to learn about everything you can expect from season 4 of the A.CRE Audio Series.

Intro to the A.CRE Audio Series Season 4

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Sam Carlson (00:00):

Hello, and welcome back to season four of the Adventures in CRE audio series. We are onsite in Port Angeles, Washington, and this season is going to be absolutely phenomenal. So to help me give you guys an intro to the season, I’ve got the fellows, Michael Belasco and Spencer Burton, here on site, and I guess I would say maybe in studio, but we’ve made our own studio.

Michael Belasco (00:24):

We’re in studio.

Sam Carlson (00:25):

But we just wrapped. So chronologically speaking, we’ve just wrapped the entire season and we’re shooting this episode to come in and tell you guys what to expect, because there is some absolute gold. Spencer, what is this season all about?

Spencer Burton (00:42):

Well, the season is about what’s next in commercial real estate. And so we’re going to talk AI, we’re going to talk trends in space use, and we’re going to look at a real, live deal. Michael and his firm, Firm Ridge, are developing a RV park and resort here in Port Angeles, Washington. In fact, we’re going to visit the site. We’re going to dig into Michael’s numbers. We’re going to learn about his team. We’re going to learn why RV parks.

Michael Belasco (01:15):


Spencer Burton (01:17):

What is RV, what is that in terms of a subtype? It’s actually pretty cool. So we’re going to spend several episodes in this season talking about a real, live deal.

Sam Carlson (01:26):

I was just going to say, the viewer and the audience are going to get insights into… Last season, so season three, we talked about deal making and deal doing. This season, the audience is going to look over your guys’ shoulder as you evaluate, talk through strategy, an actual transaction, an actual deal. That is, it’s not fake. It’s not a case study. I mean, there’s money invested in this deal. It’s underway. And so like never before the audience is going to get to go through an entire deal from where we started to where you’re at today, Michael.


And then, of course, so many things happening right now in the world in commercial real estate with AI, everything else. You alluded to that, of course. Everything is changing and opportunities are becoming crazy abundant. So how do you prep for that? How are you going to capitalize on what’s coming? So it’s absolutely phenomenal. Modeling like a deal season pro has always been my favorite. I think we did that in season one and two. We talked about modeling like a deal season pro, what that means. This is watch the deal season pro model, absolutely phenomenal. I loved it. I got to watch you guys do a analysis of the transaction that you guys are going to get to see too. It’s amazing. That’s your segue, Spencer.

Spencer Burton (03:01):

I don’t have a whole lot more to add.

Sam Carlson (03:04):

It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Michael Belasco (03:06):

I’ll wrap it up. Again, we just wrapped up here, my energy level’s to 10 because I think this was just an incredible season and you guys are going to enjoy it thoroughly. At least I hope you do so. So, enjoy.