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Ask Me Anything with A.CRE (Next Host – Albert Cruz)

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming A.CRE AMA session featuring our special guest, Albert C., founder of Al-CC Consultancy and Team Lead of the Toigo Real Estate Intensive. Albert is a seasoned leader with over 15 years of experience in creating and managing initiatives that connect professionals at various levels with opportunities. Through establishing and […]

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List of A.CRE Accelerator Graduates (Updated June 2024)

This certifies that the following individuals have successfully completed the 17-course, A.CRE real estate financial modeling Accelerator. Having shown a proficiency in all aspects of real estate financial modeling and having demonstrated an ability to create institutional-quality real estate Excel models for all major property types and investment strategies.

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La Guía Definitiva de Microsoft Excel Para Bienes Inmuebles (Actualizado Junio 2024)

Microsoft Excel es la principal herramienta utilizada por los profesionales del modelado financiero inmobiliario. Aunque numerosas alternativas que no son Excel han intentado destronarlo, este programa de más de 35 años de antigüedad ha demostrado ser sorprendentemente sólido frente a la competencia. Por lo tanto, si quieres trabajar en el sector inmobiliario, debes dominar Excel. […]

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All About Careers in Real Estate Acquisitions (Updated May 2024)

In acquisitions jobs, professionals typically source, analyze, conduct due diligence on, and negotiate the purchase of new equity investments for their real estate investment firms. It’s important to note that acquisitions professionals generally pursue existing properties (either stabilized or unstabilized properties) whereas real estate development professionals pursue new build opportunities. Search our list of acquisitions […]

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Asistente Creador de Casos de Estudio Inmobiliarios – GPT Personalizado Por A.CRE

Si has pasado algún tiempo siguiéndonos aquí en A.CRE, sabrás que las aplicaciones de inteligencia artificial (IA) en la modelización financiera inmobiliaria es un tema que nos fascina (¡y nos emociona!). En ese sentido, estamos en marcha con varias iniciativas para explorar la IA en los bienes raíces comerciales (CRE), ayudando a los lectores de […]

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Insights from Spencer’s Cornell Real Estate Distinguished Speaker Series Interview

Recently, our own Spencer Burton was invited to participate in the Cornell Real Estate Distinguished Speaker Series, a platform renowned for hosting leading voices in the real estate industry. During this prestigious event, Spencer had the opportunity to share his invaluable insights, particularly focusing on data-driven real estate investment. This blog post aims to shed […]

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Real Estate Case Studies Creator Assistant – Custom GPT by A.CRE

If you’ve spent any time following us here at A.CRE you know that AI applications in real estate financial modeling is a topic we are fascinated (and excited) about! As a consequence, we’re underway with several initiatives to explore AI in commercial real estate and help A.CRE readers and Accelerator members prepare for the impact […]

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¿Qué son los GPTs personalizados? Y algunos breves ejemplos que hemos creado

En el mundo de rápida evolución de la inteligencia artificial y nuevos modelos avanzados de lenguaje generativo (IA generativa), mantenerse al día con los avances tecnológicos es crucial para los profesionales de todos los campos, especialmente en el sector inmobiliario comercial. En A.CRE, estamos comprometidos a compartir lo que consideramos como los desarrollos críticos en […]

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Glossary of Commercial Real Estate Terms (Updated Apr 2024)

Glossary of Commercial Real Estate Terms Welcome to the A.CRE Glossary of Commercial Real Estate Terms, a practitioner’s guide to the most common terms in CRE. This is an ever-growing list of commercial real estate terms and definitions that actually matter to commercial real estate professionals. and we hope it will become a valuable resource […]

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Introducing the New A.CRE University Profiles Page: Your Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Education

We here at A.CRE are excited to announce the launch of our new A.CRE University Profiles Page. This enhancement is part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive resource for exploring real estate programs not only across the United States but also around the world. We’ve developed this new page to standardize the profiles we […]

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5 Steps for Building a Winning CRE AI Strategy in 2024 and Beyond

The conversation around AI and AI strategy is heating up in almost every major industry, including commercial real estate. In healthcare, innovative providers are learning to leverage AI to provide more personalized care options for their patients. In the world of finance, AI-backed security features are making personal finance tools more secure and easier to […]

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Announcing the Shine Associates Real Estate Financial Modeling Scholarship

We are excited to announce the launch of the Shine Associates Real Estate Financial Modeling Scholarship! Made in partnership with Shine Associates, this scholarship is set to fuel the dreams of the upcoming stars in commercial real estate. Please read below for scholarship details and the process to submit an application. Watch the Video Deep […]