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Real Estate Financial Modeling Accelerator (Updated September 2023)

Prior to launching the Accelerator program, Michael and I fielded email after email requesting a more structured real estate financial modeling training program on the site. Over the years, we've covered hundreds of real estate modeling…
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ChatGPT vs Bard vs LLaMa Chat (Aug 2023) – AI Chat for CRE Comparison

If you're an A.CRE reader, you know we're actively exploring the numerous use cases for generative AI in commercial real estate. As part of those efforts, we've used ChatGPT to help us build a custom Excel add-in for CRE professionals, used…
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How to Select the Most Applicable Real Estate Comps

When comparing sales in commercial real estate, having accurate and relevant information, especially with your real estate comps, can be a game changer. Before placing a bid on a property, you’ll want to understand the story and environment…
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Calculate Residual Land Value in Excel (Updated Jul 2023)

Here's the scenario. You're a real estate developer. You spot a prime parcel of land that would be perfect for your real estate project. So you approach the owner of the land about selling and she says, "Okay, bring me an offer." How much do…
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Become an AI Expert in CRE: Take Google’s Generative AI Courses

Since diving into the world of commercial real estate (CRE), I've kept my eyes peeled for tools and technologies that can revolutionize the way we conduct business. One of the most exciting developments in recent years is artificial intelligence…
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Commercial Real Estate Deal Sheet

As part of our ongoing series of YouTube Shorts, we recently published a video about the importance of keeping a personal commercial real estate deal sheet (see video below). In this context, a real estate deal sheet is a comprehensive list…
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Using ChatGPT as a Real Estate Analyst to Create a Lease Abstract

As you may know, we here at A.CRE have been exploring various use cases for AI in commercial real estate. When ChatGPT plugins were released in May 2023, the tool gained an ability to act like a young real estate analyst; namely to source and…
Development Spread
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Using Development Spread in Real Estate Analysis

Real estate developments carry inherent risks, making them one of the most challenging investment opportunities. However, the potential for profit can justify the risks involved. Have you ever wondered how to assess the profit potential…
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A.CRE 101: CRE Risk Profiles (Updated May 2023)

In this post we will go into detail about the four CRE risk profiles commonly ascribed to commercial real estate opportunities. In order of least risky to most risky, they are as follows: Core Core Plus Value Add Opportunistic This…
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Static Debt Yield or Dynamic Debt Yield?

We recently received an intriguing question in the Q&A section of the A.CRE Real Estate Financial Modeling Accelerator regarding the calculation of debt yield. As such, I'd like to take the opportunity to discuss it. First of all,…
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Glossary of Commercial Real Estate Terms (Updated Mar 2023)

Glossary of Commercial Real Estate Terms Welcome to the new Glossary of Commercial Real Estate Terms on A.CRE. This will be an ever growing list of commercial real estate terms and definitions and we hope it will become a valuable resource…
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The A.CRE Method for Doing Cap Rate Math in Your Head

In this post, I'd like to share a method that, with a little practice, will enable you to quickly do cap rate math in your head; whether it’s quickly figuring out what the sale or purchase price would be of a property based on the NOI and…
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The Forefront of Climate Solutions for the Built Environment with Jacob Racusin | S3SP8

This episode of the A.CRE Audio Series features Jacob Deva Racusin, a real estate professional and co-founder of New Frameworks. New Frameworks is a worker-owned cooperative focused on climate solutions for the built environment, namely through…
vintage Walgreens on corner of two busy california streets
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Single Tenant NNN Lease Valuation Model (Updated Jun 2022)

I originally built this single tenant net lease (NNN) valuation Excel model back in 2016. Based on some feedback from a few of our readers, I've since made quite a few updates (see v2.0 updates video below). This model is an attempt to re-think…
a shopping center with robust sales and low occupancy cost
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Tenant Sales and Occupancy Cost in Retail Underwriting (UPDATED JUNE 2022)

When underwriting a retail investment, rollover risk is an incredibly important consideration. You, as a prospective debt or equity investor in the property, need to understand how secure the cash flows you're buying are; or in other words,…
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Forecasting After-Tax Cash Flow in Real Estate Analysis (UPDATED MAY 2022)

When modeling real estate investments, industry practice is generally to stop at before-tax cash flow. And this makes sense in most instances. No two owners of real estate have the exact same tax situation and no two properties necessarily have…