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The A.CRE Legal Section with Ron Rohde – S2E4

About this Episode – The A.CRE Legal Section with Ron Rohde

Welcome to the A.CRE Audio Series! On this episode, I am here once again with the creators of the Adventures in CRE website, Spencer Burton and Michael Belasco. Today we are talking about A.CRE’s new Real Estate Legal selection with Ron Rohde.

We jump into the legal elements and how they coincide with the financial or deal level analysis. We also talk about the PSA and how it is an incredibly fluid document. Everything is negotiable. Sometimes in a tight market, that is important.

Additionally, we are excited to share that Ron will be contributing real estate legal insights, tips and advice. Ron will also be sharing free downloadable templates that give you a base to start as well as nuances you can take away.

Show Notes – S2E4: The A.CRE Legal Section with Ron Rohde

  • Taking models and putting them in boiler plates [3:32]
    • A legal contract is not typically how you describe a relationship between two parties.
    • By putting the model in the boiler plates, you can present the information in another way that is legal binding but also clear for that legal review.
  • Types of content we will be adding [5:46]
    • In addition to adding that model, look at the deal flow process.
    • The PSA is an incredibly fluid document. There are no standards terms. Everything is negotiable. You need creative clauses that get both the buyer and seller what they want.
  • It’s not an issue of if it’s when [10:17]
    • Understand where the lawyer is coming from, what their incentive is, where their motivation is.
  • Making deals happen [11:14]
    • A lot of people see deals through their own eyes.
    • Through this content you will be able to see a deal through Ron’s eyes.
  • Educating clients prior to meeting [12:42]
    • It’s important to help get the next generation up to speed.
    • By educating a client prior to the meeting, it makes that time more productive.
  • Giving and expecting to get [13:49]
    • That is totally in contrast here.
  • Adding value to the A. CRE reader [14:31]
    • We always ask ‘does this add value to the A.CRE reader?’
    • We like to share what we know.
    • We believe in the law of reciprocity. Although it’s more about as we add value to our readers, we help them therefore our careers are better for it.

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