Model Like a Deal-Seasoned Pro – S1E10

Welcome back to the A.CRE Audio Series. In this episode, we chat once again with the creators Adventures in CRE, Spencer Burton and Michael Belasco, about the A.CRE Accelerator Program. The Accelerator is their premium training program designed to help people gain an in depth understanding and master institutional quality real estate financial modeling.

About this Episode – Model Like a Deal-Seasoned Pro

During our conversation, we’ll be diving deep into the Accelerator Program, what if offers, and why it was created. This is a great program for those looking to perfect and take their real estate financial modeling skills to the next level.

Michael and Spencer discuss what it was like early on going through the growing pains of learning this critical fundamental skill and how, for almost all of us in the industry, there was no direct guidance or program out there to help put them on a guided path to institutional quality proficiency. A lot of their learning was over years of study, experience, and trial and error. They discuss how through all that, they were able to develop this program, which provides a direct shortcut and gives members exactly what they need and in the right order so they don’t need to waste any time.

Join Spencer and Michael as they share their thoughts on the Accelerator program during this episode of the A.CRE Audio Series.

Show Notes – S1E10: Model Like a Deal-Seasoned Pro

[1:22] Why was the accelerator program created and built? 

  • As the content grew, we would get continuous emails about what’s most important and how to best digest the content.
  • There was a subsection of audience who needed a roadmap.
  • We needed to create a program, not a course but a program.

[3:38] Why not a course? 

  • With a course there is something to be learned and at the end you have learned it.
  • Learning real estate is more like learning to play the piano. You don’t learn the piano in a week or during one simple course.
  • To call it a course feels like there is an end, which is not the case.

[5:38] Learning financial modeling 

[13:25] The program and why it’s different than a tutorial 

  • The program was created as a hypothetical firm with hypothetical scenarios that are identical to what you would see in the industry .
  • You can learn financial modeling in weeks with this program.

[17:11] What does the program look like? 

  • Contains 16 courses, an Advanced Concept section, and a Library of Supplementary tools.
  • There is information regarding the DCF Method.
  • Michael and Spencer are committed to the Accelerator members’ success.
  • There is a survey for people when the complete the program.
  • The program contains a forum for users to ask questions.

[21:21] Self-paced aspect of the program 

[23:27] What does the certification of completion mean and how does it work? 

  • Completers of the program receive a unique URL with a certificate. This can be post link to LinkedIn or on a resume.
  • Anyone the link is given to can see that certificate via that link.

[24:53] Advice for those looking to up level 

  • If you’re looking to take your career to the next level this program is the program to do it.
  • Individuals will really gain an intuitive understanding.
  • This is how Michael and Spencer would learn if they had to start all over again.
  • If you purchase the program and it’s not for you there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

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