Your Career’s Next Level with Jeff Wittenberg – S2E7

About this Episode – Your Career’s Next Level with Jeff Wittenberg

Welcome to the A.CRE Audio Series! On this episode, I am here once again with the creators of the Adventures in CRE website, Spencer Burton and Michael Belasco. Today we are joined by Jeff Wittenberg.

Spencer and Jeff have known each other for a while. Jeff has a good idea of what employers are looking for as well as insight for candidates to have maximum career success. Jeff is the managing director and practice leader for Kaye/Bassman. He leads strategy, team and operations of their construction and real estate practice. Over 20 years he has had responsibility for talent acquisition, training and development, marketing communications and overall governance.

During our time today we are talking about the general landscape for commercial real estate recruiting. We are also talking about the mid-career move. It all comes down to being proactive. Learn more during this episode.

Show Notes – S2E7: Your Career’s Next Level with Jeff Wittenberg

  • Jeff’s story [2:46]
    • Jeff works on the commercial construction side.
    • He also works on the real estate side.
  • How things are looking today [4:56]
    • The market continues to be incredibly robust.
    • We are in a candidate drive market. The demand for talent is far exceeding supply.
  • Hiring for different levels [6:53]
    • Smaller firms will tend to look to hire someone who came out of college and went to work for a big firm.
    • There is somewhat of a struggle at the mid to senior levels.
    • There’s a demand at every level.
  • Job functions lacking in talent [8:37]
    • Need for increase in bandwidth and specialization.
    • Looking for experience and expertise within an asset class.
  • What is the premium for working at a large institutional firm? [11:20]
    • It’s the pedigree that everyone appreciates seeing the big names at larger firms.
    • Exposure to the training and development programs is a great benefit that smaller firms don’t have.
  • Candidate preferences [15:10]
    • Candidates are broken up into two categories; the corporate candidate and the entrepreneurial candidate.
    • It’s important to understand who you really are.
  • More about Jeff’s role [20:51]
    • Base your decision on the right things.
    • Jeff helps candidates make the right decision.
    • Money shouldn’t be the main driver of a career change.
  • The optimal career [26:24]
    • Ultimately are you with an organization where you are learning today and can take your career further.
  • Losing site of what you have [29:35]
    • Sometimes you don’t want to sacrifice what you have for what isn’t a lot of money in the grand scheme of things.
  • Getting started [30:45]
    • Be strategic.
    • Get clarity around where you are at.
    • Express what you’re looking for.
  • Advice for taking your career to the next level [35:42]
    • Have as much dialogue as you can with your current hire ups to really understand where the company is going and where you can go with in it.
    • No matter how happy you feel you are, it never hurts to have a conversation and expand your network.
  • Developing a relationship with a recruiter [37:53]
    • If you can develop trust with a recruiter or a couple of recruiters and maintain those relationships, you’ll find it to be unbelievably beneficial.

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