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The Work from Home Opportunity in CRE – Special Episode 1

In this special episode, Michael and Spencer discuss the changing work environmental in commercial real estate. More specifically, with the entire CRE workforce currently performing their duties remotely on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, a paradigm shift in how work is done in CRE is underway.

Listen as Michael and Spencer imagine a world where more CRE professionals work remotely, where office space is in less demand, and where contract work grows exponentially.

At the end of the episode, Michael and Spencer make a call to action to Accelerator Graduates. If you’re interested in performing contract real estate financial modeling work, we’d love to connect you with individuals and companies needing your help. Find a link to learn more below.

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Side Note: Would You Like to be a Contract Analyst?

Here at A.CRE, we receive requests everyday from real estate developers, owners, brokers, and investors needing help analyzing real estate. These requests generally involve building or modifying a real estate model in Excel or some other analysis work.

Given Spencer and Michael’s busy schedules, they’re unable to fulfill these requests. But we’d like to be able to refer these individuals to qualified professionals who can help. So if you’re an Accelerator Graduate and you’d like to earn some extra money ($100/hr – $250/hr), fill out the form and we’ll provide more details.

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