Accelerator Frequently Asked Questions

You have access to all Accelerator content for one year. In other words, at anytime after you finish the program, you'll be able to log back in and re-watch the videos, re-read the lectures, view the cases, download the Excel files, etc for up to a year from when you originally registered.
Each course comes with its own instructor-student forum. In these forums, Accelerator members ask course instructors, Spencer and Michael, questions related to the course content.
These courses are on-demand, with pre-recorded video and audio lectures and accompanying Excel, Word, and PDF files. The student-instructor forums are actively monitored and questions answered by the A.CRE team.
The 16 Accelerator courses take approximately 100 hours to complete, depending on your current proficiency. Some courses are less intense than others, with most students spending 4-6 hours to complete each course.
Microsoft Excel 2013 or later. Software that can read PDF files (Abode, PDFSam, etc.). The Accelerator can be taken on either a PC or Mac. But keep in mind that we teach using a Windows PC. So guidance on keyboard shortcuts will not be compatible with Excel for Mac although the formulas will be the same.
The Accelerator learning platform is compatible with all screen sizes. However, you may not be able to work on the Excel files unless you are on a desktop or laptop.
All people enrolled should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel. There are many great resources out there for free that can help get you up to speed quickly. A very basic understanding should be sufficient as we walk you through a lot of the details step-by-step, keystroke by keystroke. Additionally, in our Guide to Getting Started we provide a comprehensive list of the primary Excel functions and features we use in the Accelerator together with a list of free resources to help you get up to speed.
Add team members to your Enterprise account and monitor their progress via a simple and intuitive Enterprise Dashboard. You will receive weekly progress reports for each of your members and can add new licenses to your account at anytime from the Enterprise Dashboard.