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    Curious about self storage modelling and underwriting. Is this in the works and, if so, when do you expect to roll this module out?

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    Spencer Burton

    Adding functionality for modeling self storage in the Ai1 would be a simple thing. The challenge I have, is I have limited experience modeling this property type. Specifically, I’m not as familiar with the income and expense items typical with self storage. If you, or someone reading this, has a self storage operating statement you’d be willing to share, I could quickly add this property type to the model.

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    Hi, Spencer:

    I have P&L statements and supporting financials from a self-storage facility I considered purchasing in 2016 (primarily dating between 2013-2015 with a couple of 2016 items). The property did not offer many amenities, but should give you a good foundation to build from. I can easily redact sensitive information and pass them along if you’re still willing to incorporate a self-storage component into the Ai1.

    Most helpful, though, might be a self-storage acquisition model I purchased at that time to aid in our decision.

    I’d rather not post the materials to this message string, but I will pass along anything that will be helpful via email or whatever medium is most conveinent.

    Love the website and am happy to contribute!

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    Spencer Burton

    I just saw this response to the Self-storage thread – sorry for the delay! If you’re still willing, I’d love to use the Self Storage P&L statements to help build out a Self-Storage module. You can reach me at:

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