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The Library of Supplementary Learning Tools is a medium through which Michael and Spencer share additional resources to help Accelerator members practice and improve. The library will grow over time to include additional (or redundant):

  • Watch Me Build Videos
  • Forum Post Videos
  • Case Studies + Technical Interview Exams

As with the content within the Advanced Concepts course, it is not necessary to complete any of the material included in this Library of Supplementary Learning Tools to obtain the Accelerator Certificate of Completion.

Additional materials are regularly added to this Library based on your recommendations. So if there is something you’d like added to this library, please let us know.


This Library was seeded with a series of Watch Me Build videos that were originally posted on the blog side of the Adventures in CRE website.

To make all of these exercises readily and conveniently available to Accelerator members, we’ve added these Watch Me Build Videos to this section.

What is covered in the Watch Me Build videos is a review of what you’ve already covered in more depth in the Accelerator. Nevertheless, practice makes perfect. So you’ll find value going through these exercises and applying a second time what you’ve already learned in the 16 core Accelerator courses.


User Avatar The A.CRE Team

Spencer and Michael started Adventures in CRE in their first year of graduate school. Since that time, the two have written over 350 in-depth articles on real estate financial modeling, careers, and education options; built and shared over 60 institutional-quality real estate financials models; developed an extensive glossary of real estate terms, recorded over 100 tutorial videos, and created the most comprehensive real estate financial modeling training program available.
Spencer Burton is currently President and member of the founding team at Stablewood, a data-infused multi-strategy institutional real estate investor that combines the best of traditional real estate investment with proprietary data analytics and machine learning. Spencer has over 20 years of real estate experience, both as a fiduciary and principal. Over his career, Spencer has helped close $5+ billion and underwrite $30+ billion of commercial real estate at some of the largest institutional real estate firms in the world. He has worked in land brokerage, residential development, commercial real estate acquisitions, debt production, and Investment Manager for a $60 billion institutional real estate investor. Spencer is also the co-creator of AdventuresinCRE.com, the industry’s go-to place for commercial real estate financial modeling, education, and career advancement resources. He is also the author of various AI-powered CRE tools and an expert on the practical application of generative AI in commercial real estate. Spencer Burton holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs with an emphasis in economics from Florida State University and a Masters in Real Estate with a concentration in finance from Cornell University.
Michael Belasco has ten years of real estate and construction experience. Throughout his career, he has managed, underwritten, consulted, and worked on more than $7 BN worth of commercial real estate opportunities across the United States and has recently concluded a three-year stint in San Francisco managing large-scale real estate projects for one of the largest and most respected development firms in the world.