Read Before You Post

Readers of (A.CRE) are a highly specialized, well-educated and experienced group of real estate professionals with specific interests in certain types of professional commercial real estate jobs. Some jobs are of greater interest than others, while some are of no interest to our audience at all. As such, we’ve developed strict guidelines to insure that only jobs of interest to our readers appear on the A.CRE Job Board. Before posting your job, please be sure it meets the following guidelines (we reserve the right to reject and/or cancel any job we feel is not a good fit for the board).

All jobs submitted for inclusion on the A.CRE Job Board:

  1. must offer a competitive compensation package (see salary data here). Absolutely no 100% commission or unpaid positions (even unpaid internships) will be accepted.
  2. must fit well within one of our targeted real estate job categories. Current categories are:
    • Real Estate Academia
    • Acquisitions
    • Appraisal/Valuation
    • Asset Management
    • Capital Raising
    • Commercial Brokerage
    • Construction
    • Consulting
    • Corporate Real Estate
    • Debt Origination
    • Development
    • Finance
    • Government and Non-Profit
    • Investment Banking
    • Investor Relations
    • Loan Servicing
  3. must not be discriminatory in any way
  4. must be offered in accordance with local law

Some General Guidance – A.CRE Appropriate Listings

In addition to the guidelines above, allow us to offer some additional guidance around what jobs are a good fit for our audience versus those that are not – if you have any question as to whether your job is a good fit for the A.CRE Job Board, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

A.CRE appropriate listings typically:

  1. require at least an undergraduate degree from an accredited university or, in limited cases, relevant experience in lieu of a Bachelors degree,
  2. prefer an advanced degree (Masters in Real Estate, MBA, Masters in Finance, JD, etc) for applicants of associate-level positions and above,
  3. expect its applicants to have a strong proficiency in real estate fundamentals and valuation principals.
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