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FAQs from Employers

I’m a recruiting specialist for my company and I see one of my jobs posted on your site. Why is that and can I edit/delete/upgrade the job listing?

As with our main site,, the A.CRE Job Board is a reader and job candidate centered site. That means selling a job post comes second to making sure the A.CRE Job Board is displaying the caliber of jobs our readers want to see and are qualified for. To this end, everyday the A.CRE Jobs Team scans the career pages of top real estate companies and posts five jobs that we believe our readers will find valuable. If you’re the recruiting specialist for your company and you see a job you’d like to modify, delete, or upgrade to a Featured Job, please send us an email or contact us via LinkedIn and we’ll turn over control of the job listing to you.

How Can We Order a Custom Job Package and What Will it Cost?

We offer three basic purchase options: one standard listing, one featured listing, and a package of 10 featured listings. If you’re wanting a custom job package (e.g. five standard job listings and one featured job listing) and are looking for a bulk discount, shoot us an email and we’ll provide you a quote. You can reach us here.

We Have a Paid Internship Opening, Can We Post it Free on A.CRE Jobs?

Absolutely! To encourage you to share your paid internship opportunities with our readers, we offer standard internship listings free of charge and featured internship listings at half price.

To post your internship at this discounted rate, send us the internship description, location, company name, and any other details to us via email and we’ll post the listing for you. You can reach us via email here.

* Note: internship opportunities must meet our job listing guidelines. We reserve the right to reject/remove any listing.

How do I Edit an Existing Job?

To learn more about how to edit a job you’ve already posted to the Adventures in CRE Job Board, check out our written and video tutorials: How to Post and Edit Jobs

How do I Post a Job to A.CRE?

To learn more about how to post a job to the Adventures in CRE Job Board, check out our written and video tutorials: How to Post and Edit Jobs

What kind of jobs can I post?

To preserve the integrity of the A.CRE Job Board and to only publish the kinds of quality, professional, high caliber real estate jobs that our readers find of interest, we’ve developed strict guidelines around what kinds of jobs will, and will not be accepted. Please read these guidelines carefully before posting. A.CRE reserves the right to reject and/or cancel any job listing for any reason. If your job is rejected/canceled by the A.CRE Team, we will refund you the full cost of the listing.

What is the difference between the Standard and Featured Job Listing?

The Standard Job Listing is posted to the A.CRE Job Board for 60 days and gives the employer access to the A.CRE resume database. It also gives the employer the option to use A.CRE’s online application management tool.

The Featured Job Listing gives your job enhanced visibility and priority placement. In addition to allowing access to the A.CRE resume database and use of A.CRE’s online application management tool, Featured Jobs appear in all searches before Standard jobs, rotate periodically through the Job Spotlight section of the home page, and appear in the Adventures in CRE weekly blog series, “Jobs of the Week” which is shown on the Adventures in CRE home page and is emailed to the main Adventures in CRE email list weekly. The Featured listing is posted for 60 days.

Who will see my job posting?

Adventures in CRE is the internet’s leading real estate financial modeling blog  and commercial real estate career resource website. In the 1st quarter of 2017, the site had over 75,000 unique visitors and thousands of highly-educated and experienced real estate professionals visit the site each week to download sophisticated CRE models, take Excel and ARGUS tutorials, watch financial modeling education videos, receive career and interviewing advice, network with other CRE professionals, and research real estate graduate school options. When you post on the A.CRE Jobs Board, your job is going in front of the top talent in the industry.