Hillwood Investment Properties (HIP) is currently seeking an experienced Industrial Development Director to join our growing team. This position oversees the development process from site viability and market analysis through design, entitlement, construction, occupancy, and potentially building disposition.


The Development Director will assume responsibility to manage, implement, and complete development activities for Texas. This position represents Hillwood in all respects of the development process from site viability and market analysis through design, entitlement, construction, occupancy, and potentially building disposition. External contacts, including customers, brokers, land owners, consultants, contractors, governmental officials and staff, view the Development Director as their primary conduit to Hillwood.

Some of the overall duties for this Development Director are:

Land Analysis/Acquisition

  • Participate in market analysis with Market Leader
  • Investigate site availability / feasibility with Market Leader
  • Conduct site due diligence
  • Utilize the land acquisition checklist
  • Coordinate zoning analysis
  • Analyze and document utilities availability
  • Analyze existing and proposed site drainage
  • Jurisdictional determination of streams and wetlands
  • Analyze site accessibility and exposure
  • Contract for geotechnical investigation
  • Contract for Phase I environmental survey
  • Contract for boundary survey/ topographic survey
  • Assist paralegal with title work
  • Master-plan for highest and best use
  • Develop public strategy and relationships with city officials
  • Determine tax incentives
  • Determine permitting procedures/ timing
  • Build Development Budget for the conceptual financial model
  • Initiate conceptual pricing – infrastructure and mass grading
  • Initiate conceptual pricing – buildings (site work and shell)
  • Build conceptual development schedule
  • Assist Analyst with conceptual financial model
  • Assist in land contract negotiation
  • Work with legal to submit offer letter or letter of intent
  • Participate in contract negotiation
  • Arrange for property insurance (with Hillwood Risk Manager)


  • Interface with customers, brokers, marketing, contractors, consultants, city/ county officials and other governmental entities, economic development
  • Manage Design Team (Planner, Civil, Environmental, Geotech, Architect, Structural, Landscape, G.C. Pre-Construction Manager)
  • Contract with consultants
  • Orchestrate preliminary design
  • Conduct design review meetings w/ all design consultants
  • Refine schedule/organize fast track method with city/design team
  • Analyze and recommend value engineering opportunities
  • Finalize site and building design and send out for pricing/sub-bids
  • Refine development budgets, schedules, and market assumptions for the financial model
  • Review and approve monthly invoices from consultants and vendors
  • Manage Public Strategy
  • Understand and manage entitlement process
  • Re-zone if required
  • Investigate plat requirements/timing
  • Obtain tax abatements and other available incentives
  • Negotiate and obtain Development Agreements if required
  • Obtain grading/foundation/building permits as required by city
  • Negotiate easements
  • Negotiate other off-site issues
  • Manage Development Schedule
  • Work with architect and Market Leader / Marketing Director/ Manager to produce marketing material
  • Work with Market Leader / Marketing Director/ Manager to get marketing signage fabricated and installed


  • Assist Legal to complete loan checklist
  • Work with Operations Manager to create bank budget and cash flow assumptions
  • Supervise the assembly of development due diligence information for Appraiser and Lender
  • Work with tenants to obtain SNDA’s and other required documents
  • Re-certify surveys, geotech, environmental, etc. to bank as required
  • Develop relationship with bank inspector
  • Track and complete post-closing issues as required
  • Assist Accounting to complete monthly bank draws as necessary


  • Work with City to expedite permitting
  • Finalize pricing/ bids into schedule of values as basis for contract amount
  • Review and finalize construction contract
  • Attend weekly job meetings and monitor job progress
  • Maintain City relationship through construction process
  • Facilitate owner decisions in a timely manner
  • Negotiate utility connections, relocations, and costs
  • Review and approve sub-contractor buy-out recommendations
  • Review and process monthly contractor pay-applications
  • Update the Development Cost Summary on a monthly basis
  • Work with bank inspector to quickly process pay-applications
  • Work with Property Management and G.C. to expedite the punch-list process
  • Conduct post-construction lesson learned discussion
  • Review monthly cost reports


  • Attend weekly development-specific marketing meetings
  • Assist Marketing Director/ Development Manager to develop and submit proposals
  • Develop lease layouts for Tenant Improvements or Build-to Suits
  • Provide scheduling information
  • Provide pricing for Tenant Improvements and Build-to-Suits
  • Verify that all marketing material is kept up to date

Property Disposition

  • Supervise the assembly of property information to be sent to Purchasers
  • Be available to meet with and show property to potential buyers and their inspectors
  • Analyze property inspection reports and assist Property Management to make repairs to property as needed
  • Work with Operations Manager and Accounting to assess and project final costs
  • Assist Disposition Team Leader and Legal during disposition negotiations
  • Work with tenants to obtain legal documents required by the sale

Internal and External Relationships:


  • Market Leader – weekly to daily
  • Direction for land development, and building design/specifications
  • Economic considerations for development
  • Process input
  • Marketing – daily
  • Leasing pursuit
  • Tenant relations
  • Project financial modeling
  • Project schedule
  • Office Staff – daily
  • Clerical and administrative
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Property management
  • Hillwood Corporate – weekly to monthly
  • Executive office
  • Project overview
  • Customer focus/marketing
  • Finance
  • Lending/project funding
  • Financial modeling


  • Architectural and Engineering Consultants – as required by project activity
  • Environmental engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Civil engineering (site work, utilities, infrastructure, permitting)
  • Architecture (site planning, building layout and design, construction admin)
  • Structural engineering
  • Landscape architecture
  • General Contractor – daily
  • Deliver site and building design
  • Development and Tenant Proposal Pricing
  • Contract execution
  • Project management
  • Specifications
  • Cost accounting
  • Quality control
  • Governmental Officials – as required by project activity
  • Economic development (tax abatements and incentives)
  • Planning and zoning (platting and use approval)
  • Public works (infrastructure)
  • Permitting and inspection
  • Environmental regulation (EPA, TNRCC, Army Corps of Engineers, etc.)
  • Land Owners (site acquisition and development coordination) – as required
  • Brokerage Community – weekly
  • Land pursuit
  • Leasing pursuit
  • Lenders – as required by project activity
  • Loan procurement and closing
  • Draws and inspections
  • Legal Counsel – as required by project activity
  • Contracts
  • Leasing
  • Regulation
  • Title Agency – as required by project activity
  • Contractors – as required by project activity
  • Other general contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Special consultants (technical, political, expeditors)
  • Public Utilities – as required by project activity


Management of all development tasks requires specific skills and experience including:

  • Market orientation
  • Project management and team leadership
  • Technical knowledge of architecture, various engineering disciplines and site/building construction
  • Financial proficiency
  • Accounting procedure and controls
  • Real estate property, contract and regulatory law

The most important Key Competencies include:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving/Decision Making
  • Customer Service
  • Resource Management
  • A leader with a strong results orientation.
  • Excellent negotiation skills with ability to obtain favorable terms for the company while enhancing key relationships.
  • Analytical thinker, complex financial acumen and attention to detail with focus on the real issues.
  • Intuitive, creative, market-savvy. Development Director must demonstrate capacity to recognize market trends.
  • Develop appropriate strategic plan, and execute plan to conclusion.


  • Displays a balance of confidence and humility. Does not always need the spotlight.
  • Collaborative, team-oriented work style, which seeks the benefit of the company, and utilizes the best human resources available to accomplish that.
  • Relationship-builder, with excellent listening, verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Can command respect in an inclusive environment. Will present bad news, when appropriate, with same professionalism as good news.
  • Composed, even tempered. Maintains focus and demeanor which allows the Market Leader to use discretion and clarity during intense negotiations and otherwise ongoing business activities.
  • Demonstrated track record of integrity and honorable dealings with all parties.
  • Should have a reputation of one that people “want to do business with.”
  • Willingness to travel.

Source: Hillwood Career Page

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