The Real Estate Analyst will play a key role providing financial analysis and underwriting support for our investment team, as well as our internal Investment Committee, to build and provide prudent investment recommendations for our real estate pipeline. This position will require someone with the ability to synthesize multiple sources of data, both quantitative and qualitative, and leverage that information to create financial models which accurately portray the relevant risks and potential rewards of any given investment thesis. A mindset of taking calculated risks based on fundamental real estate principles while protecting our investor’s capital is of paramount importance.

Specifically, the Real Estate Analyst will play a key support role for financial model development, offering and investment memorandum creation, due diligence management and general market analysis. The candidate will be an Excel expert who works well as part of a team, building and maintaining a proprietary suite of financial analysis tools and systems to successfully achieve our investment targets. The candidate will be charged with a wide range of analytical tasks and closing tasks, and must have the ability to work both independently and in collaboration with others.

Qualifications And Skills

  • A bachelor or master’s degree in business, finance, accounting or a related field
  • 2-4 years minimum of experience in commercial real estate financial underwriting, deal structuring, due diligence review and analysis
  • Strong knowledge of real estate valuation concepts
  • Highly proficient in Argus, Microsoft Excel, and other Microsoft applications in general
  • Strong ability to communicate complex concepts with others (clients, fund administrators and/or investors) that have varying levels of financial knowledge
  • Experience modeling real estate syndications and/or pooled investment funds with distribution various promote structures
  • Experience reading and reviewing real estate documents (leases, operating agreements, environmental reports, appraisals, lender agreements, etc.)
  • Some ability to travel for property inspections
  • Highly detailed and accurate with an ability to focus despite managing competing demands in a high-pressure environment
  • A deep commitment to honest, ethical conduct in all your dealings and an ability to adhere to the company’s core values
  • Ability to present and communicate complex financial concepts in an efficient and professional manner to executive decision makers, internal stakeholders and investors


As a Real Estate Analyst, you will be asked to perform any of the following duties. Please note that at any given time you may be asked to do more or less of the following responsibilities based on the current stage with which deals are at in the pipeline:


  • Perform extensive due diligence on new investment opportunities including equity investments in real estate equity syndications, other 506 Regulation D funds, and acquisition and/or origination of real estate secured credit investments
  • Gather, assimilate and analyze financial information received from operating partners
  • Review rent rolls, income and expense statements, lease documents, tax statements, tenant financials, appraisals and other important elements of deals under consideration to determine accuracy and identify information gaps
  • Compare operating partner assumptions and representations to market data and determine accuracy or variance
  • Interface with brokers, appraisers, operating partners and other parties to research and support investment assumptions and recommendations
  • Assist in the preparation of offering memorandums and investment summaries for Investor Relations and Capital Markets teams
  • Providing market analysis to the Investments and Capital Markets teams to help inform investment strategy
  • Research empirical evidence in support of corporate investment decisions


  • Discuss financial model assumptions and outcomes to both prospective investors and internal stakeholders
  • Communicate key facets of the models’ capabilities and its outputs to investors and internal stakeholders
  • Participate in and help organize the Investment Committee meetings


  • Build quality control mechanisms to ensure data accuracy and consistency
  • Develop and maintain version-controlled financial model templates in Excel that include monthly and annual cashflows, various capital stack inputs, financing assumptions, capital spending and promote structures
  • Customize individual financial models for specific transactions
  • Support requests for additional modeling functionality and track changes
  • Actively pursue personal learning (sponsored by company) to stay up to date on modeling techniques, modeling tools and real estate valuation techniques
  • Determine and monitor relevant and important market level statistics, trends, and themes to track and utilize when underwriting deals and making investment decisions

Fairway America is committed to maintaining an inspired, positive work environment full of talented and motivated people who share, demonstrate and live the company’s core values. We continually strive to bring great value and benefit to our clients, employees, and investors.


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About Fairway America

Fairway America is a private equity real estate investment firm specializes in the vast U.S. middle market of commercial real estate. Established in 1992 by founder Matt Burk, the firm’s committed to partnering with carefully selected Sponsor Partners and gives the investors attractive, hand-to-fine, off-market opportunities. The firm’s “value investing” mindset has served the firm and the investors well in up and down markets for more than 25 years. Since the firm’s inception, Fairway has started and managed nine discretionary pooled investment funds and played the led role in architecting more than 150 real-asset based pooled investment fund vehicles for other U.S. middle market real estate sponsors and managers.

The firm currently has 23 employees and 6 teams consisting of Business Development / Acquisitions, Portfolio Management, Underwriting, Marketing, Capital Raising / Investor Relations, and Legal.

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