Janover Ventures is hiring an ambitious, experienced, expert in multifamily construction (some experience with general commercial is a plus as is structured finance); with a primary experience in bank multifamily construction financing for loans ranging from $5MM – $50MM. Extra points if you have some HUD experience under your belt. You’ll be handling inbound lead-flow — no rain making required. You are a persistent, confident, ambitious, results-oriented sales and capital markets professional and you want to introduce a layer of technology into your career. This is a unique opportunity to join a fintech leader in commercial real estate and change an entire industry. We are a technology-forward company taking more than half a billion dollars a week on loan requests with only one person manning borrower-facing service and nobody supporting bank and institutional relationships — this is your opportunity to shine. This opportunity comes with participation in our Equity Incentive Plan so you can enjoy the growth of the company as a whole.


  • Taking inbound leads and calls from early-stage borrowers looking for creative multifamily and commercial real estate construction financing solutions.
  • Working closely with our technology and CRM to continue to optimize automations and followup with customers for long periods of time throughout their life-cycle.
  • Leveraging industry-leading technology to close more loans, more frequently.
  • Building our bank network and relationships.
  • Engaging, structuring and arranging capital introductions and financing for multifamily and commercial real estate construction projects.
  • Advising on multifamily and commercial real estate construction projects as well as weighing them against (in the case of eligible multifamily projects) FHA options.


First and foremost we are looking for someone aligned with our values. You can read more about them here.

  • Experienced in multifamily and commercial real estate finance
    You know the business in and out because you were an originator, processor, or underwriter at a shop that was in this space or you are so interested in multifamily construction loans that you dream about it sometimes. All things commercial real estate finance make you smile and sometimes dance. You have closed, or aided in the closing of many loans over many years for something around $1BB.
  • Experienced with construction debt and structured finance
    Multifamily construction financing is your middle name; and your hyphenated last name includes creative solutions. You are intimately familiar with FHA multifamily products as well as recourse and non-recourse options in the market and can probably demonstrate more than $500MM in closed multifamily construction loans and more than 50 closed transactions.
  • Grinder
    Not the app. You’re a grinder, plain and simple. People say it to you. “Hey, you just grind.” You want this job because you are excited about the fast paced environment with new opportunities hitting your pipeline every day. You want to be overwhelmed and like to spend 12 hours a day on the phone while balancing emails and lender relationships because that’s what you love, we wouldn’t want you to do that though, 8 hours is just fine. Maybe you have something to prove? We do too.
  • You care about other peoples’ experience
    That’s it, you like to provide smiles at your core. Everyone you interact with walks away feeling better about themselves and wants to leave us a 6 (out of 5) star review.
  • Attention to detail
    You don’t make rushed, careless errors. Maybe you’re a little bit of a perfectionist… awesome. But you have a bias towards action and experimentation. The balance ain’t easy!
  • Curious
    The only way we get better is by questioning everything and experimenting with new ideas. Curiosity is what propels us forward. Further, when we don’t know something, or need help, we ask for help.
  • Excellent communication skills
    As a representative of our company; verbal and written communication skills are key (more on that below). You must be comfortable and confident communicating on the phone and in writing. In this day and age, a preference for written (email) communication is preferred.
  • Excellent written communication skills
    This is important. You may be communicating with people on email, slack and live-chat and as a representative of the business your spelling, grammar, vocabulary and ability to communicate clearly and succinctly are going to be key to your success.
  • Comfort with technology
    We’re not looking for an Elon Musk, but also not looking for the guy with the stapler from Office Space. You need to be comfortable breaking your ties with a pen and paper (even though we still use that stuff) and make the CRM and technology your best friend… so that we can continue our hyper-efficient growth.
  • Flexible and focussed on solutions
    A lot of stuff got thrown at you with various priorities… Will you panic and walk out; or will you take a deep breath and get to it? (hint: we’re looking for the latter).
  • Fast learner
    Teachers have told you you’re a sponge. You pass tests without studying. You invented the lightbulb before the other guy did.
  • Self-sufficient & Self-motivated
    Someone who can work from an office or from home, or a cafe, and be just as productive in any environment. Someone who can get things done, when they need to be done.

About Us

Janover Ventures (a DBA of Janover Inc.) is building the future of commercial real estate finance.

We believe that everyone should have access to the most competitive loan terms and financial instruments… Not just institutional folks! You will work with a dynamic, Earth-distributed team, and grow with an exciting company. There may be an opportunity to join a company equity-participation program. That’s exciting!

How to Apply

Send us your resume, supporting documentation, a bio, LinkedIn profiles, etc.. in an email to [email protected]

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