Since releasing the first beta version of the All-in-One Underwriting Model, we’ve fielded hundreds of emails related to the model. Inquiries range from questions to feature requests to thank yous. We welcome the chance to interact with our readers, and acknowledge that the model will only become as good as the feedback we receive from each of you.

However, the downside to the method (email) we’ve thus far used to discuss the All-in-One model is that it’s a one-on-one interaction, which misses an opportunity to share the Q&A with the rest of the audience. So with that all said, I spent the weekend building out a public forum where users of the All-in-One model can ask questions, make requests, and generally discuss the model for the benefit of all.

Check out the All-in-One Model Support Forum

questions and answers related to the all-in-one model for underwriting real estate investments

How to Use the Forum

You’ll first need to head over to the forum and register for an account. Once registered, login and then either head to one of the four discussion threads available (see below) or use the search feature to search for an answer to a question you might have.

If you’d like to make changes to your account, on a desktop computer click the avatar in the sidebar and the site will take you to an account page where you can see past topics, replies, favorites, and edit account details. The right sidebar also includes a list of available threads as well as recent topics posted to those threads.

If a question or request you have hasn’t been made on the forum, click either Bug Report, Feature Request, General Questions, or General Suggestions and then create a new topic by scrolling to the bottom of the list of topics, entering a topic title, message, optional tag, and then hitting Submit. Once a new topic has been created, we’ll be notified by email and will do our best to respond promptly.

Populated with Previous Questions

Not wanting to introduce an empty forum, I went back through my email and uploaded to the forum a diverse set of questions, suggestions, feature requests, and bug reports made over the last few months that I felt would be useful to the All-in-One users. I’ve stripped any revealing and/or personal information from the back-and-forths to protect the privacy of the individuals who sent the inquiries.

Contact Us Via Email

And just because we’ve developed an efficient vehicle to answer questions and track feature requests doesn’t mean we’re not open to hearing from you through other mediums. If you’d rather pose your question/comment/suggestion privately, you can always contact us via email. Just know, we may share your question and our subsequent answer (without any personal information included) in the Support Forum.