General A.CRE FAQs

How do I access the Accelerator?

The A.CRE site is broken up into two sections, the A.CRE frontend (i.e. the blog frontend of the site) and the Accelerator program section. The frontend is where, among other things, you download/purchase Excel models from our Library while the Accelerator section is where you access/take real estate financial modeling courses. As an Accelerator member, you have access to both sections of the website and your login credentials are the same for both.

The two sections are, however, largely independent from one another. Materials you purchase/download on the frontend are saved to your ‘My Downloads’ page on the frontend. Materials related to Accelerator courses, such as case studies and Excel models, are downloaded directly from the Accelerator courses (not from your ‘My Downloads’ page on the frontend).

For ease of navigation back to the frontend, in the Accelerator section we’ve included a menu link entitled ‘My A.CRE Downloads’. That link will take you back to frontend to download models you’ve purchased from the frontend. Likewise, on the frontend we’ve included a menu item entitled ‘Accelerator’ that includes a ‘Members Only’ sub-menu item that will take you back to the Accelerator.

While your login credentials are the same for both sections of the site, occasionally when you navigate from one section to the other, you will be required to log back in. So for instance, if you’re in your ‘My Downloads’ page and you want to return to the Accelerator, you could go to the Accelerator menu link, select ‘Members Only’, and then click ‘Login’. You will then be taken to the Accelerator section, and if your Accelerator session had ended, you will be prompted to log back in. Simply use your A.CRE username and password to log back in.

What is Adventures in CRE?

Adventures in CRE ( or A.CRE) is the industry’s go-to place for commercial real estate financial modeling, education, and career advancement resources. The site was started by Spencer Burton and Michael Belasco during their first year of graduate real estate studies at Cornell University. The site was initially meant to fill a need for readily available resources online related to real estate financial modeling and Masters in Real Estate programs, and was a tool for the two to expand their knowledge, network, and improve their writing capabilities.

Over the years, the site has grown to cover other topics its readers have asked for. A.CRE focuses on sharing quality content around three main areas our readers care most about: 1) learning and using advanced concepts in real estate financial modeling, 2) gaining and enhancing skills used in commercial real estate via formal and informal education, and 3) preparing for and advancing a career in commercial real estate together with a comprehensive job board with hundreds of CRE jobs.

In 2019, Michael and Spencer co-created the A.CRE real estate financial modeling Accelerator program. The Accelerator has since grown to become the most comprehensive real estate financial modeling training program of its kind. The rigorous program graduates dozens of individuals every month, many of whom go on to work at some of the top real estate firms in the world.

Why are your models offered on a “Pay What You’re Able” basis?

There are a variety of reasons for why all models shared to our Library of Real Estate Excel Models are offered on a “Pay What You’re Able” basis, with no minimum or maximum. Here are those reasons, in no particular order:

  1. Michael and Spencer created A.CRE in response to an issue they saw in the industry, namely that young professionals need access to institutional-quality models to learn real estate financial models, and no readily available (i.e. free) models were available to them. In response to that issue, they launched A.CRE and began sharing their personal real estate financial models for others to use and learn from.
  2. Every A.CRE reader is at a different place in their career, and so $50 to one person means something very different than $50 to another. The “Pay What You’re Able” levels that gap.
  3. Many readers use the “Pay What You’re Able” concept as a way to contribute to A.CRE. In fact, the “Pay What You’re Able” concept was added to A.CRE (it used to be impossible to pay for A.CRE models) in response to the “can I buy you a beer” thank you emails the guys received on a regular basis.
Does A.CRE provide consulting services or model customization?

Unfortunately, with full-time jobs, families, and A.CRE to manage, Spencer and Michael are unable to take on consulting engagements. With that said, quite a few A.CRE Accelerator graduates do provide independent real estate financial modeling consulting services and many of those individuals are versed in the models shared to A.CRE.

*Click here to browse the list of individuals able to take on consulting engagements.

Feel free to reach out directly to the individual or individuals in the link above that appear to best fit your needs.

* Important Disclaimer: Adventures in CRE provides this list of real estate financial modeling professionals as a free service to you and to the individuals herein. It does not earn a referral fee nor commission, and is not party to any agreement that you may make with any individual named herein. We are not responsible or liable for any work, nor do we participate in any work, produced by individuals within this document. Although all individuals herein have completed the A.CRE real estate financial modeling Accelerator and have represented to us to have experience in this field, we have not independently verified their claims.

What do the Terms and Condition state for use of your models in CRE?

First as background, Spencer and Michael build and share models on Adventures in CRE more as educational tools than as investment tools. Nevertheless, they recognize that many of the models have been sufficiently vetted that they can very much serve both purposes. Thus, we created the terms of use for how the models might be used outside of educational purposes and made clear that models likely contain errors.

Adventures in CRE provides great leeway in how the models are used, in that you can share and edit the models as you see fit so long as:

  1. You don’t resell the Excel model or any of the modules therein.
  2. When you share the file, you continue to credit the original authors. That means, keeping the Version tab in the Workbook.
  3. You don’t use the file for illegal purposes.

So in practice, what the above means is that the outcomes of your analysis can go in OMs and be shared with lenders/ investors, etc without issue. And no credit is necessary in that sharing, since you’re sharing the outcomes, not that actual files. When/if you share the actual Excel file, or some derivative of the Excel file, just make sure you leave the Version tab unchanged in the Workbook and you’re good to go.

How do I contact someone at A.CRE?

Are you an Accelerator member? Reach out via the Accelerator Q&A section for a more immediate response.

Need help with a real estate model you downloaded, have a question about the Accelerator real estate financial modeling training program, or did you run into a technical issue? We ask that you first review this support section to see if your question has been answered. Herein you’ll find a comprehensive collection of answers to common questions and issues:

Not finding an answer to your question, or want to engage with us directly?

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account in your A.CRE Account Dashboard:

Within the dashboard, you’ll see a left-hand navigation menu and a ‘Delete A.CRE Account’ option.