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A Note from the A.CRE Co-Contributors


The A.CRE Job Board is specifically tailored to those seeking employment within the commercial real estate industry. Jobs on this board are generally related to acquiring, developing, and/or managing sophisticated real estate investments. To keep this job board relevant to our target audience, we have implemented qualification guidelines that all jobs must meet in order to be posted on the site. You can read the entire list of guidelines here.


As full-time professionals in the industry (learn more about the A.CRE Co-Contributors), we know there are few good options out there for all of us to quickly search for and find high caliber CRE jobs. The job portals that do exist in CRE are either poorly designed; designed with the employer, not job seeker, in mind; not real estate specific; or littered with low-paying RE jobs that are of little or no interest. We wanted to bring to the industry a job board that displayed the most prominent CRE jobs, in an efficient, intuitive, mobile-friendly and yet thorough way.


We also wanted to offer a service to our A.CRE readers beyond sharing real estate financial models, demonstrating how to model in Excel, offering up career advice, or discussing education options. We’re real estate guys first (period) and as such, AdventuresinCRE has always been about filling needs in the industry that we’ve noticed as we’ve progressed through our careers. In our view, the industry needs a job board more suited to the habits, methods, and demands of the current generation of rising real estate professionals – and we want this to be that job board!

So take a look, browse the growing list of jobs, and as with all content we create on A.CRE please don’t hesitate to share with us your thoughts.

– Spencer and Michael