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How To:

Use the ‘Map Search’ to Find Your Next Commercial Real Estate Job

The site includes ‘List Search’, ‘Map Search’, and ‘Advanced Search’ tools for helping you find the right real estate job for you.

  • Our ‘List Search’ is a basic search where you can search by job category, keyword, location, and type
  • All jobs are sorted first by Featured vs Standard Listings followed by when the job posting was added to our database
  • Expired, filled, and cancelled listings are hidden from the list
  • Sort by job category such as Acquisitions, Development, and Investment Advisory, by clicking the relevant category in the horizontal list at the top of the page
  • Sory by keyword by entering a word in the ‘Keyword…’ text box; if the word entered into the Keyword text box appears in the title or body of the job posting, the job will appear in the list
  • Sort by location by entering a city, state, or country in the ‘Location…” text box; think of the location search as a keyword search of only the location string – if the word (or portion of the word) entered in the Location text box appears in the title of the job location than the job will appear in the list (e.g. entering ‘San’; will show all locations with the word San such as San Diego and San Francisco)
  • Search by job type (Full-time, part-time, internship, and contractt) by checking the box that applies; leaving the boxes unchecked will show all job types
  • The search function is set to ‘Instant Search’ meaning the list updates as you type; no need to click a ‘Search’ button, the list updates automatically