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How I Landed my First Job in Commercial Real Estate – Episode 1

As recruiting in the industry becomes increasingly competitive, we wanted to help those of our readers aiming to land their first job in commercial real estate. In this new series, we’ll interview recent college students who landed their first job in the current CRE job market. While securing your first commercial real estate job can be difficult, we hope that by listening to these undergraduate and graduate real estate students who have been successful you can develop your own winning strategy to accomplish your goal.

In this first episode, Tucker speaks with Michael Mancuso. Michael recently graduated from the University of Alabama and started as an Investment Analyst with Greystar.

Insights from Successful College Students to get your First Job in Commercial Real Estate

In this series, we’ll ask these recent grads some of the most common questions our team gets asked in order to give you a fresh perspective on how someone in your shoes did what you want to do.

We will be asking questions like:

  1. Where are you working post-college?
  2. What steps did you take to get that job?
  3. Did you have internships while in college? If so, how did you get them?
  4. What do you think was crucial for landing the job?
  5. What resources were most essential for you in landing this job?
  6. What advice do you have for other college students?

First Job in Commercial Real Estate

Common Steps and Fresh Ideas to get that First Job in Commercial Real Estate

You’ll see that a lot of these stories share some common steps and experiences. Hopefully, that reinforces some common steps that you need to take to successfully land that first job out of school. Along the way, you’ll also gain some valuable perspective and unique ideas from how these individuals attacked common problems in different ways.

Some of the typical experiences you’ll hear in these episodes include the following:

  1. It takes a serious commitment to land the job – treat it like a 9-5 job
  2. Learn industry jargon
  3. Set up calls
  4. Understanding the financials
  5. Read industry-related articles

Our goal at Adventures in CRE is to give you the needed materials to secure the job you want successfully, whether that is real estate financial modeling training, career advice, a list of 2,000+ real estate companies, access to the companies we work with, and other resources on our site.


About the Author: Tucker is the Head of Training and Career Services at A.CRE where he works with universities, companies, and candidates to provide training and job placement. Prior to A.CRE, Tucker spent two years at the 9th largest executive recruitment firm, where he focused on recruiting top talent in Commercial Real Estate. Tucker holds a BBA in Real Estate Finance from Southern Methodist University. While at SMU, Tucker was President of the Real Estate Club and was instrumental in providing guidance and connecting students with careers in CRE. Tucker currently resides in Dallas, TX. Please email Tucker if you would like to talk.