A unit of land that equals 43,560 square feet, or 4,047 square meters.

Putting ‘ACRE’ in Context

Overview: The Meadowlands Commercial Park is a hypothetical 150-acre mixed-use development situated in the burgeoning suburb of Cedar Grove, 20 miles outside of a major city. This expansive park is designed to cater to a diverse array of business needs, featuring commercial offices, retail spaces, light industrial facilities, and ample recreational areas.

Contextualizing the Acre: Within the Meadowlands Commercial Park, the acre serves as a fundamental unit for planning and transaction purposes:

  • Land Allocation: The development is divided into various zones, including 50 acres for retail spaces, 40 acres for commercial offices, 30 acres for industrial use, and 30 acres reserved for parks and recreational facilities.
  • Sales and Leasing: Land parcels are sold or leased by the acre. For instance, a local grocery chain recently acquired 5 acres at a strategic corner of the park for $3 million, indicating a rate of $600,000 per acre. This parcel will be developed into a new regional distribution center and a flagship store.
  • Development Planning: Each acre of the retail space is planned to accommodate approximately 10,000 square feet of building area, which aligns with zoning regulations that prescribe a maximum floor area ratio (FAR) of 0.23. This calculation helps prospective tenants in assessing the viability and potential layout of their ventures.

Example Calculation: To further illustrate, consider a developer interested in constructing a multi-tenant commercial building on a 2-acre plot within the commercial office zone. The maximum allowable building area would be calculated as follows:

Maximum Building Area = Total Acres × FAR × 43,560 sq ft/acre
Maximum Building Area = 2 acres × 0.23 × 43,560 sq ft/acre
Maximum Building Area = 20,009.6 square feet

Conclusion: In the context of the Meadowlands Commercial Park, the acre is not just a measure of land but a foundational element that influences all aspects of planning, development, and economic transactions. This case exemplifies how the acre is utilized in real estate to standardize sales, ensure compliance with zoning laws, and guide development strategies.

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