a budding real estate professional prepares his first written resume along side an Apple laptop
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The Real Estate Resume - Tips and Resources

Some of you are working to land that first professional job in real estate. Others are hoping to leverage existing education and industry experience to move up. Regardless of where you are, the content, format, and style of your real estate…
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How to Prepare for the Real Estate Technical Interview

So you've made it past the HR screening interview. You have the education and experience the company is looking for, but now they want to be sure you possess the real estate financial modeling skills necessary to do the job. They've asked…
real estate modeling
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The Fundamentals of Real Estate Financial Modeling in Excel

Several people have asked me recently how I learned to be proficient in real estate financial modeling. The questions stemmed from an interest to learn, and a desire to work in real estate finance or investment. I struggled to provide straightforward…