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Introducing the New A.CRE University Profiles Page: Your Comprehensive Guide to Real Estate Education

We here at A.CRE are excited to announce the launch of our new A.CRE University Profiles Page. This enhancement is part of our commitment to providing a comprehensive resource for exploring real estate programs not only across the United States but also around the world. We’ve developed this new page to standardize the profiles we have and make it easier for you to navigate through these various programs.

New A.CRE University Profiles Page

A look at the new A.CRE University Profile Series Page

Expanding our Number of University Profiles

With this new release, we’ve also expanded our catalogue of university real estate profiles. Previously, we had 55 university profiles. With this new update, we significantly expanded our offerings, which now boasts around 125 profiles and counting! These profiles represent a spectrum of real estate programs across various universities. With this new A.CRE university profiles page, we will continually grow our number of university profiles, eventually hosting hundreds of profiles to cater to the varying needs and locations of our audience.

Standard Profiles vs. Deep Dive ProfilesA.CRE University Profiles Search

As we standardized our university posts, we differentiated between standard profiles and deep dive profiles. While standard profiles provide all the necessary details about each real estate program, deep dive profiles go further by also offering interviews conducted by our team members, Spencer and Sam, with current or recent graduates from that program. These interviews provide a real student perspective on what it’s like to be part of their respective programs and how these programs affected their careers.

Understanding the ‘Accelerator Rank’

Another feature we’re introducing is the ‘Accelerator Rank’. This ranking is determined by the total number of A.CRE Accelerator members that are part of each program. We believe this is a valuable metric to see a program’s standing within our real estate community.

Feature Your University

We want to make our A.CRE University Profiles Page as comprehensive as possible. If we don’t have a profile for your university’s real estate program, or if you want to contribute to a deep dive profile, we would love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re excited to move forward and collaborate with these various real estate programs to showcase the variety of real estate education options available.