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Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model - IRR and Equity Multiple Hurdles (Updated June 2018)

Over the years, my real estate equity waterfall with annual periods and the option of using either IRR or Equity Multiple Hurdles has been one of the most popular models download at Adventures in CRE. I've received dozens of requests for how…
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Real Estate Capital Account Tracking Tool

I'll be the first to admit that real estate asset management doesn't get the attention it deserves on The real reason for this is that we're not necessarily asset management experts. I spent some time working in asset management…
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Waterfall Model For Real Estate Joint Ventures

I've just wrapped up a new waterfall model over the weekend that I am excited to share on the site. This model was built as an addition to the acquisitions model I posted a few weeks back. And like the acquisition model, I made an attempt…
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Real Estate Waterfall Model - Equity Multiple Hurdles

I've created a companion to my real estate equity waterfall model to work with equity multiple hurdles, rather than IRR hurdles. It took me longer than I expected to build this, largely because I was over thinking it. I messed around with…
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Excel Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model - Monthly Periods

When I decided to share my real estate equity waterfall model in Excel, I never imagined it would be as popular as it has. The model has been downloaded nearly a thousand times and many of you have written to extend your thanks for sharing.…
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How to Use My Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model

I took a few minutes this weekend, and created a video to help you use my real estate equity waterfall (IRR hurdle technique) model that I built in Excel. Again, keep in mind that the model is not standalone, but can be used with any of the…