A.CRE Audio Series Season 3


We are excited to announce that the newest season of the A.CRE Audio Series will be released next Tuesday, August 10th!

This season is the first chance Spencer, Michael and Sam had been able to get together in person since 2019, and so they decided to do something special. As opposed to past seasons, season 3 is focused entirely around a central theme:

Deal Making and Deal Doing.

This series is comprised of 8 episodes that deep-dive the various nuances of what it takes to both create deals at the highest levels, and to get them closed like a pro.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • How to develop and create an investment strategy others can get behind
  • How to source deals and fill your pipeline like a pro
  • How to assemble your Capital Stack, both equity and debt
  • How to perform Due Diligence like a pro
  • Expert-level Asset Management and executing your plan
  • Bringing the whole strategy to completion with proper Disposition

These episodes are full of nuance, context, and stories for listeners who want an authentic look at how deals come together in the real world.

So, on behalf of Spencer, Michael, and the entire A.CRE Team … enjoy season 3, and the best of luck to you and your Adventure in CRE.