What should you be reading for real estate?

Reading real estate-related news is one of the easiest ways you can start to separate yourself from others. Not to mention, it’s super practical and you can start doing it today.

My guess is, if you are reading this, you are already someone who is active with self improvement, so here’s more on how to start reading to increase your real estate awareness and knowledge and why it’s so important.

reading real estate

One of our goals at A.CRE is to dedicate our time, resources, and expertise to help our readers grow and evolve faster in their careers. One way we do this is by training you in the technical skills needed to hit the ground running on day one, like our A.CRE Accelerator program.

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In this article, I interviewed Spencer Burton, the Co-Founder of Adventures in CRE, to get his thoughts on why reading is so important and what it will teach you.

What do you read?

The Wall Street Journal is always open on one of my monitors because I want to be in the know of geopolitical, financial, and political news from national and international events. This is a publication I read at least twice per day.”

Bloomberg, I read for more financial market insights. For instance, the CPI reading for September came out recently and Bloomberg had some good analysis on why the market was moving the way it was.”

Green Street is something I read for real estate-specific analytics. But it’s very expensive for students.”

Spencer also mentioned Bisnow, Globe Street, and Costar News as great websites for real estate-specific news.

Why is it important to be reading real estate-related news?

“It’s important for any student to understand the industry they are going into, the macro environment that is affecting your industry and how it’s changing, where opportunities are today and where might opportunities be tomorrow.

“Students will get a familiarity with the industry, and understanding of how the market is changing, and how that would impact their job prospects, help them prepare for answers to interview questions, and help them understand which firms are positioned for success.”


The goal of these types of publications is to add value to their readers with noteworthy stories that will help students and professionals in the CRE business make better business decisions.

As a former college student who didn’t read the paper, I’ve learned recently how many real estate professionals read certain news articles, like The Wall Street Journal or The Business Journals. For example, I was out to lunch with a real estate owner, and he was talking about what he was reading in the Wall Street Journal and how I thought it was going to affect his real estate.

This meeting got me thinking about sharing this insight with y’all.

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About the Author: Tucker is the Head of Training and Career Services at A.CRE where he works with universities, companies, and candidates to provide training and job placement. Prior to A.CRE, Tucker spent two years at the 9th largest executive recruitment firm, where he focused on recruiting top talent in Commercial Real Estate. Tucker holds a BBA in Real Estate Finance from Southern Methodist University. While at SMU, Tucker was President of the Real Estate Club and was instrumental in providing guidance and connecting students with careers in CRE. Tucker currently resides in Dallas, TX. Please email Tucker if you would like to talk.