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Announcing the Shine Associates Real Estate Financial Modeling Scholarship

We are excited to announce the launch of the Shine Associates Real Estate Financial Modeling Scholarship! Made in partnership with Shine Associates, this scholarship is set to fuel the dreams of the upcoming stars in commercial real estate. Please read below for scholarship details and the process to submit an application.

Watch the Video Deep Dive on the Shine Associates Real Estate Scholarship

Overview of Shine Associates

Spearheaded by the seasoned Hillary Shine, Shine Associates, a real estate executive search firm, is a cut above the rest. With Hillary’s extensive background in commercial real estate, the firm spots talent and pinpoints the unique blend of abilities required to excel in the ever-evolving commercial real estate landscape.

The core of Shine Associates’ purpose is the cultivation of the talents essential for careers in commercial real estate. With a keen eye on the market, Shine Associates helps individuals hone both hard and soft skills, ensuring that the future workforce is not just competent but also adept at navigating market complexities.

Given our complementary mission of equipping real estate professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive, we are excited to partner with Shine Associates to offer a new avenue for professional growth. This partnership underscores our commitment to fostering a well-rounded, capable workforce in the real estate sector.

Shine Associates Real Estate Scholarship Eligibility

Shine Associates Real Estate Scholarship Eligibility
The Shine Associates Real Estate Financial Modeling Scholarship targets a broad spectrum of applicants for eligibility: those who are university students in their junior or senior years, especially those with internships in real estate, or recent graduates within one or two years post-graduation looking to pivot or advance their careers in real estate. This includes individuals like property managers aiming for asset management roles or brokers aspiring to transition to acquisitions.

This scholarship especially aimes to benefit those who have a passion for commercial real estate but don’t have the opportunity to move forward. Through this initiative, we aim to empower these individuals and equip them with the skills to not just participate but to excel and make an impact in the real estate field.

Shine Associates Real Estate Scholarship Benefits and Application Process

What’s Included ($2,000 Value)

  • One-Year A.CRE Accelerator Core Membership
  • Professional Resume Review
  • Real Estate Interview Preparation
  • Personal Career Guidance

Application Process

  • March 4th: Application opens
  • March 22nd: Application closes at 12pm EST
  • April 1st: Recipients selected and notified
  • April 7th: Onboarding of 25 scholarship recipients

Applicants must share what excites them about the commercial real estate industry and why they are a fit candidate for the scholarship. You can view the application page to get started at the link below.


We encourage all eligible candidates to seize this opportunity and apply for the Shine Associates Real Estate Financial Modeling Scholarship. Together, let’s build a stronger future for the commercial real estate industry.