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All About Careers in Real Estate Consulting

Jobs in real estate consulting include work in a variety of areas such as appraisal and valuation, entitlement services, portfolio strategy, enterprise M&S, workplace strategy, location footprint strategy, site acquisition and analysis, among others. Professionals who take positions at real estate consulting firms typically possess expertise in a specialized area of real estate for which they’re hired to handle project-specific client engagements.

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Typical Titles in Consulting

There is no industry convention for titles in this area of real estate.

Where They Work

Consultants most often work for real estate consulting firms, real estate advisory firms, or work independent. Project engagements may be on-site or off-site, and last anywhere from one day to several years depending on the scope and size of the project.

General Duties and Responsibilities

Duties of consultants are wide and varying depending on the company, specialization, and project. For instance, a consultant hired to complete the year-end appraisal of a portfolio of real estate assets would have duties and responsibilities related to completing the valuation process per the company’s requirements.

Common Requirements

As with duties and responsibilities, the requirements of a consultant depend largely on the engagements the consultant is required to undertake. Nevertheless, in general an advanced degree and/or specialized skills are necessary to secure real estate consulting projects. At minimum, a Bachelor’s degree and experience in real estate are prerequisites to get into real estate consulting.

How Much do Real Estate Consultants Make?

See our section on salaries in real estate for more information.

Keys to Success

Successful consultants are good at what they do and as a result are sought-after by real estate companies (and as an extension consulting firms) for their abilities. Individuals who wish to pursue a job in this area of the industry would do well to focus on becoming an expert in one specific real estate discipline.