The typical compensation (salary + bonus) in real estate depends on the function you perform and the field and sector you work in. It also varies based on your depth of experience, level/quality of education, where you’re located, and other exogenous factors. Additionally, the compensation package of real estate professionals often includes incentive pay and benefits on top of the base salary.

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Typical Earnings of Commercial Real Estate Professionals (2014)

Below I provide an overview of the 2014 pay for senior executives, acquisitions professionals, asset management professionals, property management professionals, leasing professionals, and development/construction professionals.

Salary Data 2014

Salary of Senior Level Real Estate Professionals

At the senior executive level, but below the c-suite level, professionals with 20+ years of experience working in institutional real estate earn a base annual salary between $190,000 and $370,000 with total compensation after bonus and other incentives of $400,000 – $700,000.

Salary of Real Estate Acquisition Professionals

Professionals in real estate acquisitions earn anywhere from $100,000 total annual compensation at the senior analyst/associate level to $400,000 in total annual compensation at the managing director level.

Salary of Real Estate Asset Management Professionals

Asset managers make slightly more than acquisitions professionals on average, with asset managers at the associate level averaging total compensation per year between $100,000 – $160,000 and managing directors in asset management making as much as $450,000 per year.

Salary of Real Estate Property Management Professionals

The widest range in salaries exist at the property management level where assistant property managers make $50,000 on the low end in total annual compensation while the top executives in property management make as much as $370,000 per year.

Salary of Real Estate Leasing Professionals

Compensation for leasing professionals range from $130,000 per year for leasing managers to nearly $500,000 in total annual compensation for top leasing executives.

Salary of Real Estate Development Professionals

For development professionals, pay ranges from $70,000 annually for development analysts to $550,000 in total annual compensation at the managing director level.

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Note: Many of the name conventions used in this series come from a report published by Cornell University.