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Watch Me Build – Industrial Offering Memorandum Analyzer Custom GPT

In this Watch Me Build session, I’ll walk you through constructing a custom GPT that near-instantly sifts through Industrial Offering Memorandums to pinpoint whether an investment aligns with your criteria. At the heart of this build is a tailored GPT setup that efficiently processes and analyzes complex data sets found in these OMs.

Custom GPTs are individualized versions of large language models (LLM) specifically designed to solve bespoke tasks. In this case, the task of analyzing a commercial real estate OM. While I use ChatGPT’s custom GPT feature in this Watch Me Build, this same method can be used as a ‘prompt’ with your favorite LLM (e.g. ChatGPT, Claude AI, Gemini, etc.).

  • Click here to try out the Custom GPT built as part of this tutorial (Note: as of April 2024, a ChatGPT Plus membership is required to use or create custom GPTs)

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What are Custom GPTs?

Custom GPTs are a specialized extension of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, designed to serve unique needs across various industries, including commercial real estate. These tailored AI models enable users to fine-tune the technology for specific tasks, such as analyzing intricate data within offering memorandums, ensuring both precision and efficiency. By creating a Custom GPT, professionals can integrate industry-specific knowledge and skills, making the tool an invaluable asset for tasks that require deep, sector-focused insights.

The creation and application of Custom GPTs are straightforward and accessible, encouraging innovation across all professional levels. For the commercial real estate sector, this means the ability to craft AI solutions that can sift through complex documents, align with investment criteria, and even connect to external data sources for comprehensive analysis. Privacy and data security are paramount, with measures in place to protect sensitive information, making Custom GPTs a reliable and adaptable tool for CRE professionals.

Why Build a Custom GPT to Analyze Offering Memoranda?

The rationale behind developing a Custom GPT for the analysis of Offering Memoranda (OMs) is compelling. Firstly, it addresses the significant time investment required in the traditional review process; where analysts might spend anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours per OM, a Custom GPT can reduce this to mere seconds.

This efficiency gain not only saves valuable time but also amplifies the scale at which analysts can operate, enabling them to review a larger volume of deals. This increased capacity allows analysts to focus their efforts on deals with a higher likelihood of alignment with their investment criteria.

Furthermore, the precision of a Custom GPT in identifying specific, often overlooked details—such as expense caps or environmental concerns—enhances the quality of analysis. By training the GPT to recognize and flag these critical elements, the risk of missing vital information on the initial review is significantly mitigated, leading to more informed decision-making.

Ultimately, a custom GPT like this can be thought of as another set of eyes on the deal but at a significantly lower price than a typical real estate analyst.

Watch Me Build – Industrial Offering Memorandum Analyzer Custom GPT

In this Watch Me Build video, I go through the process of creating a Custom GPT specifically designed for analyzing Industrial Offering Memoranda. Effectively, the GPT is a complex ‘prompt’ following the R.O.D.E.S. prompt engineering framework that we prefer here at A.CRE.

  • Click here to try out the Custom GPT built as part of this tutorial (Note: as of April 2024, a ChatGPT Plus membership is required to use or create custom GPTs)
  • Accelerator member? Click here and then go to lesson 14 of course 4 to find links to a) view a detailed description of the R.O.D.E.S. framework, b) download the GPT instructions used in the Industrial OM Analyzer, and c) to read an additional sample conversation to provide greater context.

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About the Author: Born and raised in the Northwest United States, Spencer Burton has over 20 years of residential and commercial real estate experience. Over his career, he has underwritten $30+ billion of commercial real estate at some of the largest institutional real estate firms in the world. He is currently President and member of the founding team at Stablewood. Spencer holds a BS in International Affairs from Florida State University and a Masters in Real Estate Finance from Cornell University.