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Introducing the Adventures in CRE Job Board

Michael and I are excited to announce the release of the Adventures in CRE Job Board. This effort is the culmination of almost of a year’s worth of deliberation, planning, design, and networking effort. And while this is only the beginning (we’re calling this phase our “Early Launch”), we’re nonetheless enthusiastic about the potential for this new tool to make it easier for highly-educated and experienced commercial real estate professionals to find their next job in the industry.

Come to the job board daily to find your next job in commercial real estate or follow the A.CRE Job Board on Linkedin.

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This board is targeted at readers of Adventures in CRE, a large group of highly-educated and experienced commercial real estate professionals. Thus, we strive to only list positions that you care about and we require employers who wish to post their jobs on A.CRE to follow strict guidelines for publication including:

  1. Competitive compensation package (see salary data here) required. Absolutely no 100% commission or unpaid positions (even unpaid internships) will be accepted.
  2. Must fall within one of the following job categories:
    • Real Estate Academia
    • Acquisitions
    • Appraisal/Valuation
    • Asset Management
    • Capital Raising
    • Commercial Brokerage
    • Construction
    • Consulting
    • Corporate Real Estate
    • Debt Origination
    • Development
    • Finance
    • Government and Non-Profit
    • Investment Banking
    • Investor Relations
    • Loan Servicing

No more sifting through an endless list of jobs that are not relevant to your aspirations and career trajectory. No more applying for an internship only to find out the employer isn’t offering compensation. The A.CRE Job Board is built to provide only quality opportunities for you.

You can read the entire list of job listing guidelines here.


Michael and I were actively involved in the design of the job board – in fact yours truly built the site in my spare time over the last year and Michael weighed in on the design throughout the process. We have both been through the job search process in commercial real estate (several times!) and recognize that the industry sorely needs a job board tailored to the rising generation of CRE pros. This first-hand experience with the process as well as our laser-focus on building a board for you, the Adventures in CRE reader, has resulted in a job board we hope raises the bar for other real estate job sites.

Here are a few of the bells and whistles included in the Early Launch release of the A.CRE Job Board:


This means we designed the site for mobile devices first, and then adapted that design to desktop computers. We know (from personal experience and our visitor stats) that you’re most likely browsing for jobs on your mobile device while on the train into work, the bus into school, walking to and from class or work, or generally away from your desktop computer. We’ve been immensely frustrated, during our own job searches, with the non-mobile friendly nature of the job boards in commercial real estate. So the A.CRE Job Board works well whether you’re on your phone, your tablet, or your desktop computer.

Jobs Filtered by Category

With the A.CRE Job Board, you no longer have to scroll mindlessly through pages of jobs to actually find the ones you are interested in. Now, simply select the job category you want to browse (e.g. acquisitions), and then either zoom around the map or scroll through the job list to find the positions that you want to apply for. Start your search on our Advanced Search Page.

Search by Location or Filter by Region

Do you want to work in San Francisco? Enter San Francisco into the Location search bar and all jobs in the city will appear. Want to work somewhere in the Western United States? Scroll to the bottom of the page and under ‘USA Regions’, click ‘USA – West’. You can now see every job located in that region.

Map Search

Another feature of the A.CRE Job Board we are excited about is the ‘intelligent’ map feature. You can either use the map as your main search tool, or the map will automatically adjust to focus in on the location of the jobs as you refine your search criteria. So when you search by city, for example, the map will reorient to the location and the jobs in the list will be pinpointed on the map.


For those employers/jobs that use this feature, job seekers can apply directly from the A.CRE Job Board and manage applications from their Candidate Dashboard. Employers, likewise, can manage applications from their dashboard and communicate with candidates through the A.CRE Jobs system.


Registration is completely free and comes with access to some pretty useful tools in your Candidate Dashboard including:

  • Free Resume Upload.Take control over your search. Post a resume to the A.CRE Jobs Resume Database (visible only to registered employers), and be seen by top employers in commercial real estate.
  • Manage Resumes Online.Add, remove, change, hide, and make visible your A.CRE Job Board resumes.
  • Browse by Company.As a registered A.CRE Job Seeker, you have access to the Company Database. So wanting to work for a specific company? Go to ‘Browse Companies’ in your Candidate Dashboard, find the company you’re interested in, and searching the jobs they have posted.
  • Setup Job Alerts.Want to be notified when jobs that match a certain criteria are posted to the board? Setup Job Alerts either on individual job listings or in your Candidate Dashboard.
  • Manage Job Bookmarks.While browsing, you can bookmark jobs that interest you. Then in your Candidate Dashboard, view and manage previously bookmarked jobs.


The A.CRE Job Board Team searches the career pages of dozens of top real estate companies everyday and posts at least five jobs deemed most relevant to our readers. Additionally, companies can independently post job opportunities that meet the A.CRE Job Board guidelines. This means you’ll see quality jobs being added to the board daily. Setup an email alert via your candidate dashboard and/or visit the site daily to see what’s new.


One element that has held up our ability to release this site revolves around who would manage the site. While Michael and I are passionate about this subject  – evidenced by our comprehensive career section on A.CRE – managing a job board requires daily oversight – something neither Michael nor I are able to provide with full-time jobs, families, and other Adventures in CRE projects.

So we’ve turned to an old friend and associate of mine, Brent Coles, from my early days in real estate to lend his time to managing the daily operations of the job board. Brent is uniquely qualified for this role. First, he’s a retired land-use planner, city councilman, mayor, and real estate development professional. He understands the importance of networking in the job search process and can offer valuable insights, both to candidates and employers, on how to create the right job-employee match.

Plus Brent knows professional real estate. Having spent half of his career in the industry, first as a development associate and later as a developer on his own account, Brent knows what makes for a great job and a great real estate pro. His participation in the A.CRE Job Board is warmly welcomed by Michael and I and we’re confident that he will make the job and candidate search process seamless for you.

Feel free to connect with Brent on Linkedin.

If you have questions specifically about the Job Board, why we’re taking on this project, or would like to help in some way, please send us a message.