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The Real Estate Financial Modeling Accelerator

Since starting A.CRE, Michael and I have fielded email after email requesting a more structured real estate financial modeling training program on the site. Over the years, we've covered hundreds of real estate modeling topics in our blog;…
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Scenario Analysis using the Equity Waterfall Model

I received a question this morning asking how to use scenario (or sensitivity) analysis with our Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model. I started to answer the question via email, decided to build an Excel file to go along with my answer, and ultimately…
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Formulas I use to Create the Period and Date Rows at the Top of a Monthly Cash Flow Report

We've spent a lot of time here discussing and sharing different real estate models, and we've received a ton of feedback from our readers as a result. In some of that feedback we've received, several people have asked what period and date rows I…
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How to Use My Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model

I took a few minutes this weekend, and created a video to help you use my real estate equity waterfall (IRR hurdle technique) model that I built in Excel. Again, keep in mind that the model is not standalone, but can be used with any of the…
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Excel Tips: Creating Data Tables Part 1: One Variable Data Table + Inserting Text into Numerical Cells

The Excel model attached to this post is to show modelers how to (1) create and use data tables and (2) insert words into numerical cells. The Data Table function is a great tool that allows you to show numerous results for various return…
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Using the OFFSET Function in Real Estate Modeling

In a previous post, I discussed using the OFFSET function to create dynamic lists in Excel. As you become more comfortable using this function, you'll find that it has infinite applications when modeling real estate investments. In this tutorial,…

6 Indispensable Keystrokes for Moving Around Excel Fast

If you want to improve your Excel modeling speed, it is essential that you learn to use keyboard shortcuts for moving around worksheets and between tabs. In this post, I identify six indispensable Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts for navigating…
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Wall St. Training - Free Excel Resources

Wall Street Training (WST) is a fantastic site for free and paid Excel training resources. According to their site, they are "The world's leading provider of live and online financial training, serving a wide variety of investment banks, private…