This is a dynamic debt amortization module that gives the user the capability to model a loan with an interest only period up front and an amortizing floating rate debt repayment period once the interest only period is over. This module also allows the user to model other more straightforward scenarios such as an interest only loan and a loan with no interest only period and a fixed interest rate. Along with the download below, there is a video that explains how to use this module and also how the formulas work for those who are interested in learning more about the mechanics.


This module is built to account for a 360-month (30-year) period with an interest only period of the users choosing, a floating rate or fixed rate amortization period of the user’s choosing, and the ability to select a balloon payment date. The module has a place to insert the floating rate debt forecast (row 19) and if you would like to use this module for a fixed interest rate loan, you just need to insert the same interest rate across the entirety row 19.

Additional Learning Component

I also added a second sheet to this model, as mentioned in the video, for those who are less experienced with building amortization tables and want an easy-to-understand model to see how a basic, fixed rate amortization table works. The payment function in this module is a bit more complex due to having to constantly recalculate the payment for floating rate debt, so the second sheet is provided to give a more basic understanding of straight forward amortization schedules.

This module can be inserted into your own model by simply linking the payment line form this module into the debt payment section of your model being careful to properly sync up the dates.

Hope you find the module and video useful.


Download The Model

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Dynamic Amortization Schedule
  • Interest only period
  • Floating and fixed rate debt
  • Amortize a floating rate loan
  • Standard interest only loan
  • Standard amortizing fixed rate loan
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