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4-Tier Equity Multiple Waterfall – Download and Watch Me Build (UPDATED APR 2022)

Here is a simple, yet very powerful, 4-tier equity multiple waterfall module. This post contains both a completed version of the module ready to plug into a real estate financial model as well as a ‘Watch Me Build’ template and companion video where I walk the user step by step through building it out. EM […]

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Development Draw Schedule – Visually Customize Each Line Item (UPDATED APR 2022)

Working a lot with development draw schedules, I have always been looking for a catch all solution as to how one could easily model all the unique ways cash actually flows over time during the process. The norm for many is to model cash flows using a straight line method with even payments over time, […]

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Construction Draw Schedule: Accounting For True LTC (Updated Apr 2022)

When lenders provide debt for a development project, they lend based on a Loan-to-Cost ratio (LTC), which is simply the percent of the total budget the lender will agree to lend to the borrower. So, if a project costs $10MM, and a lender loans $6MM, the lender is lending at a 60% LTC. However, the […]

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Pro Forma For Multifamily Renovation (Updated 11.17.2021)

I’m excited to share the Pro Forma for Multifamily Renovation model with all of you. This multifamily renovation model is made to analyze value add apartment acquisition opportunities and has a lot of functionality that is meant to provide you an ability to get into the details and go unit by unit for up to […]

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The Acquisition Process | Title Insurance featuring Josh Roling – Contract to Close

Welcome to this episode of the Contract to Close series! This episode features Josh Roling, a real estate attorney and an expert in all things commercial real estate acquisitions. Josh is a close friend and colleague of mine with whom I’ve done 48 deals! In this episode, I speak to Josh about title insurance. It’s […]

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A.CRE Hotel Valuation Model in Excel (Updated 08.6.21)

I am excited to introduce our new Hotel Valuation (Acquisition) Model to underwrite both stabilized and value-add hotel opportunities. This hotel pro forma is designed to allow users to do everything from a quick back of the envelope exercise to a fulsome and detailed underwriting exercise in which the user can get into the weeds […]

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Could You Be Exiting Too Early? Don’t Forget to Analyze Your Reinvestment Rate

When attempting to maximize the value of your money invested in real estate, the timing of your exit is key to maximize your return. Exit too early, and you might leave money on the table. Exit too late, and you might have better used that capital on other opportunities. In this quick post, I discuss […]

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Adventures In CRE’s Events Calendar

We have begun to compile a calendar of events for some of the more well known trade organizations in the industry in order to give our readers a one stop place to find out about events that are happening throughout the US and internationally. Obviously, this calendar will not be a complete list of all event offerings […]