Careers in Commercial Real Estate

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Careers in Real Estate - Part III: Job Functions

The actual job functions performed by real estate professionals vary by sector and field. The amount and type of experience and education required varies for the function performed and the field the job is in. This post is not meant to be…
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Careers in Real Estate - Part IV: Compensation

The typical compensation (salary + bonus) in real estate depends on the function you perform and the field and sector you work in. It also varies based on your depth of experience, level/quality of education, where you're located, and other…
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Why I chose a Masters in Real Estate over an MBA

Going back to graduate school is a huge commitment. You first have to get accepted, which means spending hours and hours studying for the GMAT or GRE, filling out lengthy admissions applications, writing dozens of mindless essays, preparing…

Summer 2014 Internship

Two years of formal real estate instruction is best complemented by real world application. By putting into practice the principles taught in the classroom, we as students truly internalize the concepts. The summer internship experience is one…