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Ground Lease Valuation Model

The topic of ground leases has come up several times in the past few weeks. Numerous A.CRE readers have emailed to ask for a purpose-built Ground Lease Valuation Model. And I’m in the process of creating an Advanced Concepts Module for our real estate financial modeling Accelerator program covering the mechanics of modeling ground leases. […]

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Multifamily (Apartment) Acquisition Model (Updated Mar 2020)

Our library of real estate Excel models has a variety of decent apartment models, including our All-in-One model and our Apartment Development Model – both robust models in their own right. However, if you’re looking for a straight multifamily (apartment) acquisition model, and don’t want all of the unnecessary components of the All-in-One (ie. office, retail, industrial modules), […]

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All-in-One (Ai1) Walkthrough #2 – Office, Retail, Industrial Rent Roll Tab

This walkthrough, our second in the series, will detail how to use the office/retail/industrial rent roll (see ORI-RR Tab). The rent roll tab is arguably the most important, and most complex, tab in the All-in-One model. Below we post a video of the walkthrough together with a brief description of the key components of this tab. Video […]

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Industrial Real Estate Development Model (Updated Mar 2020)

Allow me to share my Industrial Development Model in Excel. Over the past year, I’ve been working to add more specialty real estate models to our library. While our All-in-One model certainly has its place, oftentimes really digging into the underwriting of a deal takes a hyper-focused tool. This model fits the definition of a […]

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Commercial Mortgage Loan Analysis Model (Updated Feb 2020)

Over the years, I’ve received various requests to augment our library of real estate Excel models to include a model for underwriting and analyzing commercial mortgage loans. Specifically, people have asked for a tool to calculate the loan amount (ie. loan sizing) based on a combination of tests – debt service coverage ratio, loan-to-value, and […]

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Watch Me Build a Multifamily Real Estate Model (Updated Feb 2020)

One way to become a better real estate financial modeling professional, is to watch other professionals model. I know in my career being able to physically see how others tackle different modeling problems has shaped my methods and made me better at what I do. I remember sitting with a friend, watching him zip back […]

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Tutorials for A.CRE Value-Add Apartment Acquisition Model

As promised, I’m following up the release of the A.CRE Value-Add Apartment Acquisition model with a series of walk-throughs and tutorials to help you better understand the various elements of the model. The tutorials start with the basics – a guide to getting started, and then get progressively more advanced. If you’ve already visited the […]

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Single Tenant NNN Lease Valuation Model (Updated Feb 2020)

I originally built this single tenant net lease (NNN) valuation Excel model back in 2016. Based on some feedback from a few of our readers, I’ve since made quite a few updates (see v2.0 updates video below). This model is an attempt to re-think how the industry underwrites single-tenant net lease investments. The model is […]


Modeling a Mortgage Loan Assumption Using the All-in-One

I recently had a discussion in the All-in-One support forum about how to model a mortgage loan assumption using my All-in-One Model for Underwriting Acquisitions and Development. Prior to version 0.77, this required manually overriding various calculation cells (i.e. black font cells). So I updated the model to make handling assumable debt more intuitive. In […]

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Real Estate Equity Waterfall Model With Cash-on-Cash Return Hurdle (Updated Jan 2020)

Over the years, Michael and I have built and shared numerous real estate equity waterfall models, all multi-tiered and most with internal rate of return (IRR) hurdles. And as our readers have downloaded those models, I’ve received dozens of requests for an equity waterfall model with a simpler partnership structure. This model seeks to be an […]

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Using SUMPRODUCT to Calculate Weighted Average in Real Estate

In my experience, using the SUMPRODUCT function in Excel to calculate weighted average is one of the most oft-used Excel techniques in real estate financial modeling. I learned this technique on day one of my first real estate internship and I continue to use it at least once a week to this day. So in […]