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The A.CRE Undergraduate Real Estate Series

Spencer and I are excited to introduce the A.CRE Undergraduate Real Estate Series. Much like our series on top MBA in Real Estate and Masters in Real Estate programs, this series on Real Estate Undergraduate programs will provide our readers with a glimpse into not only what these programs have to offer, but insights from current or recently graduated students pursuing a career in commercial real estate.

The initial launch of the series begins with the following seven universities:

We now include the 14 universities below released over the past few years:

Thank You To Our Contributors!

A huge thank you goes out to all of the contributors to the series.  We really can’t thank them enough for taking the time out of their busy schedules to put these profiles together and provide us all with their valuable insights.

You can learn more about each author at the bottom of each school’s profile and feel free to connect with them as well if you want to learn more about the school or to send them a thank you.

A Continuously Growing Series of Universities with Strong Track Records in The Commercial Real Estate Industry

This list of university profiles will continue to grow with select universities over the years. If you are at a university with a robust and successful commercial real estate undergraduate program with opportunities for undergraduate students to pursue a career in commercial real estate and have not already been in contact with our team, please reach out to us.

Qualifying Programs

The A.CRE team is not in the business of ranking or qualifying schools as top programs.  For a program to be considered and included in any of our profile series, we usually look to popular and well established ranking systems such as US News and World Report’s 2020 Best Undergraduate Real Estate Programs. However, if your program is not in any such ranking, but it can be demonstrated that students have access to great resources and job opportunities upon graduation that is on par with the universities already included in this list, then please reach out for more details.